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I take care of not worrying about paint cans being upside down, right side up by just throwing them out when getting old. I’d say I reopen an old can of paint to use more less than 10% of the time.
I kept my old cans in the corner of the garage. It wasn't for the paint. It was for the paint code so I knew what I needed when we would refresh the trim or walls in a bedroom
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My wife wants a color change usually so that’s why old paint doesn’t get used by me.
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My funny paint story:
Dad (rip) worked at Sears and he always bought paint on clearance. Sears would mix paint for someone, they didn't like the color and they'd mark it down. Most paint he would pay 50 cents a gallon for. At home it wasn't unusual to see 20 gallons, a mixture of gloss, semi, flat, exterior or interior...Dad didn't was CHEAP!
I came home one day he had mixed a whole bunch together...and the final color was this weird flesh-like PINK!
He hauls it down to our lake and mixed it with a boat oar...then painted both oars, the john boat and boathouse. The barrel was in back of Grandad's trailer he pulled with his Farmall tractor and at the house painted trailer AND Farmall with a 3" brush.
I knew Dad had been up to something because as I turned into the driveway even the mailbox was pink!
I was amazed because he had used up all that paint painting everything in site...the well house, wheelbarrow, mower, tractor attachments...everything...even the cinder block barbecue grill in the backyard was now pink, as well as rakes, shovels...anything he got his hands on.
When Grandad bought the farm in 1939 he named it "Homecrest" so I told Dad well you finally did it. Everything is Homecrest PINK!
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I was extremely annoyed by the fact that I could not lose weight. Maybe someone also had such problems?
Not reported...because maybe this is in a language I don't understand
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John Deere is now selling electric razors. They give a great shave, but leave little bails of whiskers all over your face...!
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