Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

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Feb 3, 2015
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Alright, I admit it! I'm a crybaby when it comes to running any of my tractors on an incline. I'm terrified of tipping the machine on its side (or worse!). I know, fear is a good thing, but I get the heeby-jeebies whenever one of the rear wheels goes over a rock and the machine lifts up just a little on one side. On the 4600, if there's a little incline I'll often put down the stabilizers so if it does begin to tip, it will have something to rest on before it goes all the way over. Also, I'll turn the backoe over to the high side to add counter weight. Tires can be loaded, wheels weights added, and the wheels set for a wider track. All these things can, and should be done. But what about a way to measure how much the machine is leaning?

I find it odd that I have never seen any references to putting an inclinometer on the tractor dash. Has anybody done this? What about something like this? Amazon.com: Sun Company 201-F Lev-o-gage Inclinometer | USA-Made Level for Off-Road Vehicle, Jeep, Truck, RV, Camper, Trailer, or Boat: Industrial & Scientific

(I have no interest or involvement with promoting a product. I'm just asking.)
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Looks good to me. Affordable, too.

Putting this idea on my next-tractor mod-list.
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Yes, many people have added those over the years that I've been here on TBN. It's a great addition and keeps you honest (and maybe alive).
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I've got the small one for my dash. I've got the large one to put on my quick hitch since it has T-n-T. I was concerned about getting a blade or other attachment back level after tilting. I should be able to see the large one from the seat.

Make sure you're level to the world when you install it (them). ;)
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One issue with putting an inclinometer on your tractor is that there are no hard and fast values to go by.
Every tractor will be different and then start adding implements and it will vary even more.
What was good today could be a roll over value tomorrow.
Then an unseen hole or rock can instantly change a good into a bad day.
The only thing it would be good for is to give you a number that was good at that particular time and place.
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Yep, as others have said, the gauge is cool. I'd like one. But how do you know what angle is the critical point? If u have such data, then this could be of operational value. Otherwise just of curiosity value. It is cool, though.
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I'm sorry, but if you've managed to end up in a situation where you think this might be of some use, you need to be looking at what's going on, not a gauge, even for a second. I rolled my dads MF-135 as a teenager when I dropped a down hill rear tire in an old well that was covered with brush. Tractor and mower were on it's side in less than a second. My only saving grace is that he had put a ROPS and seat belt on it a year or two before
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I'd shop for one with a smaller range of measurement. A smaller measuring range would give you better accuracy within the range you will actually be working in.

The one shown goes to 45 degrees. At 45 degrees you had already tipped the tractor. I won't do 30 degrees of slope with my Ventrac-- even though it is rated for that. I'd bet you have a high pucker factor on your tractor even at 15 degrees.