Tip: Side Pulley Boss and Shaft Alignment on MMM

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Jun 7, 2017
Vernon, NY
Kubota BX2200
For those that like or try to fix their MMM, but keep running into toasted bearings more often, make sure you are putting your boss and shaft together correctly...

I recently helped two folks out in my local area that kept eating through bearings, because the lack of lube or lube wasn't going into them. Both were caused from them not being aligned correctly.

On a RCK60B23BX and many other variants, you need to make sure you put one of the slots on the pulley boss to match up with the shaft. Failure to do so can inhibit grease from getting to the bearings causing shorter lifespan.

A helpful hint to make sure you get it all together right is to use a Sharpie or a paint pen and mark the shaft and assembled pulley with pulley boss prior to assembly.

Another tip for bearings is to make sure you press them in on the outer race, NOT the inner race.