TO30 Backfire

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I bought a $32 set of good points and condenser. Not the Chinese junk online. Runs like sewing machine now. Only took me 5 months to fix something that simple

I'm hearing you. Been there too.

Sadly in Australia the low quality imported parts dominate the market place and it's hard to purchase better quality.
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Here's a tip for some future mechanic working on old gasoline engines:
If it backfires through the intake, look to the carburation. If it backfires through the exhaust, it's most likely to be ignition related.
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Condensers are odd things . I've found , over the years, that a good used condenser is more likely to function well than a foreign made new condenser. That's why I have a large collection of used ignition parts. As for ignition points, I've had lots of trouble with them , and I'm getting ready to replace them on my TO-35 with an electronic type.