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My PRS shooter just picked up a job taking care of crows doing agricultural damage. She’s pretty excited. 0-200m and she’s planning on all rimfire to practice her holds and wind reads. She set up one blind this morning probably start Friday morning.
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This is the longest tactical class I've ever sat through without anyone having turned in a lab report or showed their homework.

American Hunter came today. Five incidences of HD/PD reported therein and how many here in >10k posts? Asking for friend.

Anyway, I'm all for getting back to what's been shot vs what will be shot, whenever that is. One can't predict the situational details of a home invasion so good luck, and welcome to 'today's gun talk'.

btw, s2s, congrats on the hunting permission. Pretty sure Phoebe Ann Moses began at home too, but with a RF to start off with.
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I have several that will do 'in a pinch' for my house gun and that one looks very similar to one of mine.

I know maybe not the 'best' but lately I favor my 9mm MP Shield w/crimson laser. It travels with me so I guess I am comfortable with it.

My 686P is my favorite but doesn't seem to get the nod from a nightstand standpoint.
I'm not a big 9mm fan, I'm a 45 kinda guy buy my sig m11-a1 is starting to grow on me. Basically a sig 228.
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Hoping to get to property on memorial day to shoot. I wanna sight in that Marlin 357. I got so much to do that I think I go to work to relax.

Might just take a down day to do it.