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I got a tooth bar from my Kubota dealer for my B7800.


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I've torn through some nasty stuff with that. LOTS of back-dragging: literally raising the front end up in the air! (yes, NOT recommended, but the B7800 is indestructible- not kidding) Only popped it off once and that was spinning a massive tree trunk by one of the end teeth: I bent the bar, had to beat the snot out of it with a big sledge to straighten it back out (been a long time since then). I highly doubt that anything else could have begun to handle the abuse that I've put this bar through.

Oh yeah, the picture is a rescue of my trapped Kioti, which was pinned in a dead end by a dump trailer that was sliding off into the abyss. Payback from the Kubota for the Kioti having rescued it from a deep stuck.
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I've got a 72" EA. It's their Hardox product, so solid, reasonably light weight for its strength, and does a great job in my mixed clay and rock soil.

It will dig...

I would buy it again without question, although be mentally prepared to wait a couple of months between your order/payment and receipt of the blade.

Others complain about payment up-front and the wait.

For me, it was worth it for a product that my kids should inherit 30 years from now...
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On my land there is no caliche it is a mix of hard pack and rock.
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Another option (if you can find a nearby dealer for them) is W.R. Long: W.R. Long, Inc. | Tarboro, NC ....I believe EA also carries/ships W.R. Long products (or did at one point if they don't currently).

I bought a W.R. Long bucket with one their tooth bar designs for digging in clay and it's worked well. I particularly like that the teeth are basically 1" shanks holding replaceable (pin-on) cutting teeth, but the whole tooth bar still uses a 2-bolt attachment method. Makes it easier to remove/replace things if/when needed vs. weld-on shanks or teeth.

The bucket design I bought has turned out to be a bit long for scooping out of piles of heavy materials (requires more curl power than my tractor has) -- but that's a tradeoff I made for getting a longer bottom bucket for digging across open areas (which it does well).
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I think I am down to two options. The wicked tooth bar from Everything Attachments and the Piranha Tooth Bar. What is making me lean this way is the ability to clear overgrowth and pull out saplings. When it rains out here the over growth can be very problematic. I have a 1950s flail mower but that thing is a beast to attach.

This really cinched it for me.
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I use the PTB to dig soil and diabase (soft iron rock) and pop rocks, and bushes out of the paths for use of the flail.
EA or PTB will make a world of difference.
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I've had the BXpanded Piranha Tooth Bar for about 8 years and very happy with it. I saw a tread where a guy made his own but that was not an option for me. The BPT is cheaper than the EA unit.

For rocky soil I'd think a standard type tooth bar'd be better but I'm just guessing.
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I have the PTB and would not want one heavier. I have a 25 hp Kubota and when a smaller tractor loses 50 lbs of lift to the tooth bar, it can feel significant. I LIKE my PTB and believe it helps, on balance. But the EA bar is much heavier, as I recall. The PTB is plenty strong. Can't hurt it. Would not want more weight.
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Weight is a good point to take note of. Will check that out for sure.
Just checked and a 66" is about 55# for the piranha bar vs 66# for the Wicked both were estimates but I was told they are very close to quoted weights for the 66" bars. I doubt 16# will change much but it is something to consider.
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Sounds like I was wrong and the EA bar is not that much heavier than the Piranha. I like the bar in the original post, has that gnarly old school look!