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I feel like a spring suspension is a safe bet, but a couple trailer choices I really like have torsion axles.
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Airstream trailers use torsion axles.
The are smooth and the only problem I'm aware of is they will sag from just sitting over time.
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I just want to know if they can handle bumpy fields with heavy loads.
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My PJ 22k dump handles the rough country fine. Just an FYI, Dexter warranty on spring axles is 5 years, or 10 years on torsion. They do need to be level. All spring and torsion axles suspensions are not created equal. It is how the manufactures mount them that is important. Spring suspension has a lot of wear points v/s torsion. I have both and like both.
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I've had 2 torsion axle trailers. 1970s Boller & a late 90s Casita. The Boller had no movement left in the suspension & the Casita was ok, although I was thinking about a new axle, mostly for a lift. There is rubber between the square axle tube & the square axle shaft. It squishes as the inner twists. After 20 or 40 years that rubber dries out & gets hard. I tend to think that's pretty good durability all in all. They are easy to replace as long as they aren't welded on. A lifespan of a decade or 2 isn't leaf spring good, but generally pretty adequate.

I wouldn't hesitate to get a single torsion axle trailer again. There is no equalizer between torsion axles like there is on a spring axle though. Hit a speed bump & that first torsion axle takes most of the force. The equalizer on a spring axle distributes a good chunk to the 2nd leaf spring pair & the other axle.

You say heavy off road use. If you are going to be pushing a multi-axle trailer towards the limit in rough terrain you'll likely end up overloading them. I wouldn't be nearly as worried in a single axle scenario though.
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I think bumps in the field would be less of an issue than turning in the soft ground with a heavy load. When turning (going forward or back) it me a seems like there would be a lot of stress that could bend the ends of torsion axle.

I do have a torsion axle horse trailer and it's old and has not had any issues.

I really like the increase clearance they tend to provide vs a spring axle.