Turfcat T422D Hydraulic Deck Motor Problem

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Apr 21, 2024
Turcat T422D

Can you help. I am in the UK and have had a turfcat for many years and I recently broke the shaft on the deck hydraulic motor I have managed to get a new one but it will not run if it has any load on at all everything points to a blocked outlet pipe as when I turn it off it runs backwards. Also when I tried to force it ie left it on drive it blew the seal out and I have had to replace it.
I have changed the oil and the filters and check everything that is accessible easily breaking joints to check for blockage and the relief valve on the pipe back to the tank without finding anything amiss. Getting to the operating valve is going to be a nightmare so before I go down that route am I missing anything. I cant find a diagram for the operating valve so I don't know how it influences the return from the motor. Thanks in advance.
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Based on your description I also would suspect a problem with return flow path. Can you run a line temporarily from the motor direct to tank just to see if it turns? If yes then you know problem is some where in the return flow path.

Why did the shaft break?
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Thanks for that i am assuming the shaft broke from the inertia of the blades spinning and then suddenly stopping and the pressure turning blades backwards but that is an assumption! If I just run the motor on its own it runs fine but as soon as I put even the lightest load on it it stops and turns around half a turn backwards. Cant even run it with just the drive pulley attached with belt removed.