TYM/Branson 20 Series Maintenance Videos

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Apr 3, 2013
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TYM has been doing some nice videos videos about maintenance. Recently they did about the Branson 20 Series, so I had the idea of sharing it here. They also list the capacities, filters needed and the torque on drain plugs and filters. I thought it may be a good help for new tractor owners.

Oh, I also find ironic that they suggest that you lube the seal on the filters when they clearly don't do it at the factory. 😅

If they release more videos on the 20 series, I'll add them here.

20 Series Service #6: AC Belt & AC Filter

20 Series Service #7: Radiator & Coolant

20 Series Service #8: Battery
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Hey "wow", those were cool. I hope TYM brings us more good content like that.

It looked almost exactly (trivial differences) like my 25 series Branson.

Those were fun to watch.

Mods, can we get these videos on a "sticky"?
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I am starting to really like the aquisition of Kukje/Branson by TYM. Videos being put out by the manafacturer, a website where you can download manuals and order parts. Who would have thought these things could be done!!! Best part is, they are currently keeping the Branson models in the lineup so we know parts support will have to be there for those models for some time to come. Looks like it was a good thing for Branson owners and I don't think resale will be an issue at all.
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I’m glad to see this considering what they delivered last week.
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I know this may be heresy, but I would kind of like them to merge the 4820/494 and 5520/574 into one model that takes the best from both. I have been diving into them as I get ready to purchase. The 20 series seems a little more refined and solid. It is wider and has more ground clearance. It also has appreciably more hydraulic flow. The legacy TYM has a larger set of cylinders giving it more capacity on FEL. Lifts more, higher and digs deeper. Breakout is much higher. It also has more standard features, 3pt adjustment lever, 2 sets of remotes, arm rests, the 3rd function is pre 'wired', and a 3pt view window to name a few.

It seems like they could take the frame of the 20 series and add some of the features from the TYM. They already have the same engine. I think this would be preferable to dropping one or the other. I propose a T4920 and T5720 be started for '24.