Used Kubota M7040. What do I need to know?

   / Used Kubota M7040. What do I need to know?
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Jackball, I’m pretty sure the M7040 is normally aspirated. I could be wrong and I did not look to.

Eddie, my current tractor is only an 8 speed and I have not found it to be an issue. Does a 12 have multiple gears for reverse or is it 12 forward? Not sure what I’d do with that many forward gears. But, I don’t do any large field work and only rarely go on the road.
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Yes, it’s early 2007-2009 NA. Then the 7040 got the turbo in 2010-13.
Had the NA with hydraulic shuttle and it never failed me. I simply outgrew it.
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The other thing I have to think seriously about is that all of my implements are Cat 1. I can change the pins on the mower, disk, spreader, two bottom plow and rake. The box blade and my chipper have Cat 1 sized holes and would need to be drilled out or some sort of adapter pin used. Not sure how all that would work. Also would be concerned about tearing up Cat 1 ground engaging stuff with the heavier more powerful tractor.
I had a used M7040DTC with 3200 hrs. that I bought for my hay operation. I didn’t like the mechanical shuttle. I made some adjustments but it never was totally satisfactory. The throw out bearing went out just as the season started, so I spent $4k for a complete clutch replacement. A seal leaked after the repair, which the dealer corrected. I was without the tractor most of the season. This was an early model, so the 68 hp engine lacked power to run the baler going up hills.
Needless to say, I traded it.