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He shows up on CL here too, 800 miles NW of his location. Could this be RCO version 2?

Interesting that the website claims in-house renovation while the video shows a Vtek (VN) loader!
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It does have a very "RCO" feeling to me.
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Another dealer from Oklahoma advertising on Dallas Texas Craigs list. YANMAR 161D Tractor 4x4 with Loader - farm & garden - by dealer - sale

In one of the pixs, there is a white/silver oval that something about 'Property OF ....." Can not make it out.

The machine is priced well for refurbished 'like new' condition, but lacks one thing, a full 1-year warranty like Fredrick's. One a 3-month warranty. It states, "Overrunning Clutches are available" whereas Fredrick's has that as a standard item.

Sure it has many of the good things like ROPS, and the other safety items.

Knowing how pricey tractors are today, this Yanmar refub should sell in that area. I know of a Ford 2N west of me with a FEL going for $3K. It's a 70 year old tractor with a new paint job. My riding mower has more ability than the 2N, so the Yanmar would be a better choice for a few grand more, yet less cost than a newer Manhindra, LS, or Yanmar.
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I like the " All Equipment is shown by appointment" Could be legit, or they care about what you might see if you just show up! Most business are not afraid of people dropping in.

My first question would have to be, where are the machines coming from? I do think that Yanmar is very high quality.
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The comment on the reconditioned Model of the tires being close to new raised an eyebrow here.:sarcastic: