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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Had to do quite a bit to get things to line up, but in the end it was worth it.


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Looks good. The top 'link' looks similar to my mod of the Deere forks that I converted to work on the I match. I just welded a rod on the bottom (so can't convert to standard 3pt attachment).
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It's quite disappointing to see how far off these things are, and really makes a guy wonder who did the layout for them them. My top link extends to 29" and was just short of making the hookup to the std mount. For reference, 24.5" is the length I have it set at to level the I-match. The top bracket was welded at an upward angle. The rear slant is the face that was welded.

I did lose some lift height, but can still clear the ground by 13" plus. I'm thinking about adding another set of pins/top link hole after I see how it clears the trailer. I'd really like to have a treated 4x6 skid under each pad, but giving up 3.5" of clearance may be too much.

Now I just have to blast and paint the thing...