Vertical exhaust mod for New Holland Workmaster 25?

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Apr 19, 2019
New Holland WM25 with 200LC front end loader, filled R4 tires 43X16.00-20 and 25X8.50-14 (had a Kubota B6200D with dozer and R1 tires)
I just got this tractor and overall I love it, wonderful machine. But I don't like how much exhaust I'm breathing, as it has a low front exhaust. I'm thinking of modifying it to a vertical stack.

I've looked around for a kit for this particular tractor or for examples of other people's mods, but haven't found anything yet. I've found mods on other model tractors though, including mods that require cutting a hole in the hood, which fortunately wouldn't be necessary on this tractor I think.

Overall question - does anybody know of an existing solution for this?

And a specific question -- does it do any kind of harm to the engine to add plumbing to the exhaust system, as long as I keep it at least as large in ID as the existing pipe? From reading other mods on other tractors, I'm guessing there's no harm, as nobody even talks about it. But I thought that was generally an issue with engines. Maybe I'm thinking of 2 stroke engines where the exhaust system is tuned in some way.

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Both four strokes and two strokes can have tuned exhaust though there cab be more power from a tuned exhaust on a two stroke. On a four stroke the tailpipe has the least effect on exhaust tuning, and a low rpm tractor engine will be affected less by exhaust tuning than a high performance engine. As long as you don't create a significant additional restriction you won't notice a difference in power.