Connecticut Wanted, 6x16" steel wheels for Ford 641 tractor

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Jul 5, 2016
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Wifey is asking for a front tire with more float. The 4.00 - 19's ain't cutting it. Or, maybe they are and that's the problem...

Anyway, we're on the hunt for a pair of OEM 6x16's with decent original factory paint. Not ready to do a resto or even a paint job on the tractor so we're looking for something that'll match what we have without needing paint.

If there's a decent source for used stuff I'd be grateful for being pointed in the right direction too but we'd rather buy from someone here.


   / Wanted, 6x16" steel wheels for Ford 641 tractor
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Stihl lookin'
   / Wanted, 6x16" steel wheels for Ford 641 tractor
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Another month, another post.

Still no luck, but as she needs a complete drawbar assembly also maybe I'll give MacFaddens up in New York a call.

Been 20 years or more since I've been up to his auctions buy even back then man he had a lot of stuff.
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google "agriculture tires" or "tractor tires" or "R1 tires" or something like that. to find your tire manufactures.

once at manufacture websites do a dealer lookup. do this to 2 to 4 manufactures to find your local dealers.

call up the dealers, good chance the dealers also offer other manufacture tire types or get something for you.

wider tires = wider rims.

with above said, what problems are you having with the tires?

take a picture of tires you have now.

what are you trying to do. when having issues with turning

i doubt you will actually find OEM (original equipment manufacture) tires. there lots of ribbed version tires out there offered from different manufactures. and different tread patterns out there.

age of tractor, i doubt you will find rims for exactly what you want. being a bit to nitpicky, or less you wanting someone to paint some rims just perfectly for you?
   / Wanted, 6x16" steel wheels for Ford 641 tractor
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Mornin Ryan, thanks for the reply.

Finding tires isn't an issue, heck we've got plenty of resources for em it's the wheels we're after (sorry if my post was confusing) which is why I titled the thread "6x16" steel wheels..."

And finding re-pop wheels isn't too hard, but we're looking for something original. That ain't as hard as it sounds either really, just we aren't in a rush so we thought we'd buy from someone on one of the forums rather than the few tractor salvage yards we have in the area, or definitely before buying off the web auction sites...
   / Wanted, 6x16" steel wheels for Ford 641 tractor
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So, figuring after nearly 8 months that either no one reads the wanted to buy forum (though with over 3800 views to this thread I guess that ain't it, lol) or that no one had any 6x16 steel wheels collecting dust in a corner somewhere that they wanted to sell, I took a drive up to Jeff Gibsons' salvage operation and came Home with exactly what I was looking for and at a better price than I could've found anywhere. Wheels and tires, 100 bucks out the door, an egg mcmuffin on the way up and a tank of gas in the car when I got back. Plus I met a great guy with a nice little family operation.

Here's the wheels with the 6.50-16 5 rib implement tires on them which was exactly what Wifey was wanting anyway:



And Jeff's card if any of you reading this are looking for parts:


Solid solid solid wheels with nothing other than the lightest of surface rust barely found here and there. Will scuff 'em up a little and hit em with some rattle can paint when things warm up a little. One day when we re-paint the tractor the wheels'll get the full treatment but for now we're just using it for splitting firewood so green is good.
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