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Jun 24, 2003
East Central WI
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I was wondering if any of the good Century/Branson dealers that scan this forum would be able to tell me if warrantee work can be done by a local mechanic. My nearest qualified shop is a Century dealer 90 miles away. There is an excellent independent mechanic up the road who does all of my current work that is over my head (or I don’t have the right tool yet!). Would it be a big hassle to accomplish this, is it even possible?
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As far as I know you must be an authorized dealer to perform warranty work,You would need to speak with someone at American Jawa .Maybe they will me an exception
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That is a valid question! I have an e mail into my district manager to get you an answer. I will let you know as soon as he gets back to me. I would tend to agree that it would probably have to be done by an authorized Century dealer as they would have the current update, recall, new parts info. However, I understand that the distance and hauling can be bothersome for someone in your situation. I would certainly hope that it would not be necessary very often!
Will keep you posted as I find out,
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I'm just trying to cover all the bases. From what I read so far on the Century tractor I don't expect to have much warrantee work.
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Variety on warranty work would be great - I'm considering buying a Branson in western Colorado (no Century dealers), and after doing landscaping etc. on a 2 acre lot, moving it to our 76 acres in upstate NY (no Branson dealers). Despite the competition, wouldn't it be nice if both Kukje companies had an agreement on their identical units?!
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I doubt that any cooperation would happen. Kukje as I understand it doesn't reemburse Branson or Am Jawa for warranty work. An allowance is built into the wholesale price from Kukje and any actual expenses are absorbed by the distributor.