What did you do with your Power Trac today?

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Beautiful but dangerous.

Bummer. :confused:

Hope you get by with minimal damage.

When I was a kid, we had a wet, heavy snow in May. My mom had a beautiful wild plum tree in full bloom. 5" of snow split it in half. She cried.
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We had one of those gorgeous, deadly, silent snowstorms last night. Rain turning into frozen rain, turning into snow. 800' below us, they had an inch. We had 4-6" overnight and another four or so since dawn. The trees around the area have been shedding limbs like crazy, many in the 6-8" range. Our neighbor says that this is the heaviest snow fall in the forty or so years that she has lived here.

The plum tree that was blooming two days ago...
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Yes, it is still snowing...

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These are four different branches, six to eight inches in diameter, scattered up fifty feet of hillside. More Power-Trac fun to come.
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Looks like some heavy snow there.
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It was gorgeous, though I am going to be cleaning up and chipping for quite awhile. The snow fall was very localized. A neighbor five hundred feet lower had an inch. He is just above a section of road that is cambered toward a 300' high drop off, and no guard rail for most of it. That section of road keeps me from attempting any sort of driving when conditions are slick or icy.

For reasons known only to them, the county roads department took both of their plows out of service last week. The lack of plowing might explain why one their heavy trucks slid into the ditch while their crews were trying to clean up downed limbs. (Between you, me, and the doorpost, I was amazed to discover after we moved here that the county actually had snow plows.)

Still gorgeous today.


I don't think that there will be too many bees pollinating those almond flowers...

All the best,

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Perfect size bucket....or blocks
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Yeah, I had about 1/2 inch to spare on the sides. 6 across, 3 rows deep, a little PT Pucker thrown in on the turns for good measure. 🤣
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My 60" mower center spindle bearing went out. So I ordered some new bearings off of the internet. I removed the entire spindle assembly and got the old bearings out. Pressed in the bottom bearing just fine. Went to press in the top bearing and forgot to support the bottom of the top of the steel box. It's a box that's open on two of the six sides under one corner so you can pass the belt over the spindle with the hydraulic motor removed. The box bent. :cautious:

Many attempts to straighten it. Not gonna happen with what I have. Inspecting the spindle shaft, I also found it was worn pretty badly. So I ordered a new complete spindle assembly from PT. It was either $135 or $153, can't recall.

I got a whole new box, with bearings, with spindle, with lovejoy connector and lovejoy star. That was reasonable to me. Got it back together and mowed for the first time this year.

I love the smell of the first cutting after a long, boring winter. :)
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"One small step for..."
I used the large material bucket bucket to scoop all the chips from the driveway above into the pasture. This is what 72 cu.yd.s of wood chips to be rototilled into solid clay pasture soil looks like. I'm hoping for some improvement in the rainwater infiltration and reducing the boot suckingly deep clay for the cows.

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Finished spreading the chips today;


The tractor got pretty warm rototilling all the chips in. I was impressed that wood chips plus cow manure is practically overnight compost, steaming hot, and turning white with mycelia.
You can see in the background a double gate that I put in a couple of weeks ago with the PT post driver, which is hanging on a fence that I am building on the far side of the arena. Projects, projects...
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