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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
Looking for a skidsteer snow plow for a DX45. Anyone have any recomendations on size for this tractor? Figured now might be the time to start looking for a good deal since most of them will be sitting for several months now. Just didn't want to get bigger than the machine can easily handle. I'm in NW Missouri so most of are snows are no more that 8" although we did have one snow this year around 10-12". Thanks.

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I have a 8' Western power angle plow that I mounted to a universal skid steer quick-tach plate and used on my NH Lx465 skid loader. I have sold the loader and now plan on using the plow on my TC35DA w/ 205TL loader. I have played with it a little this winter and It works great. New Holland has an aux front mount hydraulic kit that has a bracket and quick couplers that mount on the loader cross member and hoses run back and plug into rear hydraulics. I then can use my standard rear hydraulics to power angle plow. Simple. Easy to install. Cheap. Great snow pusher. Also you can pile snow very high with it. I also have a NH 74" snowblower on the rear, so snow beware!! My driveway is about 1/4 mile long and my only wish is that I would have bought the TC45DA w/ Cab.
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Thanks Holtz,

I was looking at a 7' plow and didn't know if it would be too much. Sounds like I should be able to go to 8' based on your reply. I do have the front hydraulic kit already installed.

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I have a TC45DA and use a great big bucket for snow work on that tractor (it's all itty bitty lots downtown, normally i wouldn't use a bucket). It's actually the manure bucket from my TN75

The TN75 I run an 8' Curtis plow with wings and sometimes ti's pretty much all it can handle.
I'd go 7' plow.
that should still cover your tracks even when angled.

8' might be too much.
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Thanks LC,

that's what I wanted to know. I was planning on 7' or 7-1/2' but wanted to make sure it would handle it fine. I'll stick with 7'. I'm coming from a DX33 so still getting a feel for the bigger machine.