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Dec 8, 2010
huntington, Indiana
Well my local mahindra dealer calls me from time to time. I was in to his dealership last spring looking at tractors. He didnt have anything in the size I was looking for, so I moved on. Ended up buying the RK55. So he calls the other day to see if I had ever bought anything. So I told him I did , and what. He acted as if he had never heard that rural king was selling tractors. Wanted to know where they had these at. Which I didnt know either, but then again I dont deal in tractors like he does.

From his reaction, I think he was genuinely caught off guard, by the fact RK sells tractors and people are buying them. He did offer to service it if I wanted.
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I’m surprised that the Mahindra dealer didn’t have a 55 hp tractor. TYM makes almost the exact same tractor for Mahindra. It has a Mahindra engine and loader, the rest of the tractor is pretty much the same. Except you have more options and it cost you less. I’m glad to hear him to offer to service it.
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At the time I was there, he was sold out of the mid size tractors. Obviously tractors dont sell like hot cakes, so in stock stuff sits according to him for a year or more. I was looking for a cabbed version with hydro trans. I knew that TYM made some of the smaller tractors for them.
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TYM makes some bigger tractors for Mahindra too...

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Sounds like that tractor dealer might want to get his head out of the sand.