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Jul 15, 2014
Glenmoore, pa
Mahindra Emax25 hst
Hi all.

I'm looking to learn to weld. Little background about myself, I'm carpenter by trade, I fix all my own vehicles, garden, brew my own beer, but I feel like having no welding experience is along the lines of being illiterate, I'm not looking to be an expert just hoping to be somewhat competent. I'm currently considering a mig/ flux core unit but I'd like to find something that will run off my 7.5 kW generator as I really don't want to trench out electric to the garage. Any info or advice you could offer would greatly appreciated such as books equipment etc. feel free to spend my money keep in mind I'm a carpenter and though for me money does grow on trees, there's typically not much of it.

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I would have you check out any adult education offered in your area.Any trade schools in your area?I used to teach adult ed.welding,apprenticeship and for a while in the prison system(captive audience).A few hours of instruction could save you a lot of frustration.
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Matt here are some good books to have.
Lincoln is a good place to buy books cheap.


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There are a lot of decent instructional videos on YouTube.
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Lincoln Welding School has basic, one week courses and then you can go back periodically to get more education.
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For practice you can join some professional and you'll certainly learn it further.
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One of my concerns is the generator. Many of the import generators are limited to about 75 to 80% of their rated output. Certainly the Chinese don't lie :laughing: And depending upon how clean the power is, it might limit the welder size or type.