Where to Mount Digging Teeth UP or DOWN

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
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Since I raised this question in another tread I thought it best to give it its own thread to keep from messing up the thumb thread.

I learned this week when I went to get a tooth replace on the backhoe bucket that one or more had been put on upside down.

Page four in this parts book states they can be installed upside down but there is a down side to doing it.


I now think they need to be upside down for a FEL bar like this to keep from digging so deep.


Where as on a hoe or box blade like above they need to be installed right side up. While the same physics would apply to the FEL bar above it might just dig too well and I expect few will ever see too much wear issues.

A right side up version.
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I would think you wan't the bottom edge to be aligned with the bottom of the bucket. The angle on the top side shouldn't make much difference.
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That toothbar looks very similar to what I put on my BX25. FWIW, To date I have been very consertive in it's use for fear of bending the FEL arms. The teeth are very agressive. I am think I will go w/ the manufacturers recomendations as to how they placed the teeth.

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