Which Schaeffer's grease to use



Jun 14, 2019
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Grease guys, I have questions...
I'm not looking for a grease debate, I'm set on trying to switch to Schaeffers. Hopefully someone here is familiar with their products. I would like to find their product that would be good one size fits all for tractor, implement bearings, and trailer stuff.

I have asked Schaeffers and am getting more confused. I sent an email, they told me #274 would be fine for everything. This grease has moly in it. Everything I read says that moly is not ideal for roller bearings. I then asked a question on amazon, Schaeffer's responded and said 274 is not the right grease to use for the trailer and did not suggest what to use.

I would prefer to just use one grease gun but will use two if needed.

My question to them:
Will 274 work for compact tractor loader pins, implement journal bearings, PTO shafts, and trailer wheel bearings? or is 221+238 better?

from Schaeffer's:
274 will work. But the 274 ,221 and 238 should not be used for trailer wheel bearings as these are roller taper bearings. If the greasing is on a lube system, at NLGI 1 would be best.


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Sep 15, 2013
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There is no one size fits all if you want the best product for the job at hand.

I have a tube of Schaeffers 229 that a supplier gave to me. I use it sparingly on sliding shaft applications but their products are over priced in my opinion.

The best multi purpose grease I ever used and used for many years was VALVOLINE MULTI-PURPOSE for Ford, Lincoln & Mercury. It is a superior general purpose NLGI #2 grade lithium complexgrease with molybdenum disulfide. It is designed to provide excellent extreme pressure and antiwear protection for wheel bearings, chassis, suspension systems, steering linkage and universal joints. Valvoline Multi-Purpose for Ford, Lincoln, & Mercury is recommended as a disc brake wheel bearing lubricant for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. It meets Ford’s specification M1C75B, MACK MG-C Longlife, and NLGI LB quality requirements.

Nowadays I use Amalie Pro Tac+ 5% moly on my backhoe pins. The 5% moly stays in my backhoe pins 3 times longer than the old multi-purpose grease did.

If I were dead set on a one size fits all I would go back to the Valvoline because it never let me down. It is in ALL my trailer wheel bearings and I have never had to replace any of them. Some are 40 years old and have thousands of miles on them. I just squirt it in the caps from time to time.


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Dec 2, 2005
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I got this from this forum somewhere. I use 274 for my mower and other bearings and 238 for my front end loader and back hoe.

From what I understand you can use 274 for everything. They remind me of Kendall ToughTac back when I was working.


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May 7, 2010
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I agree there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to grease on farm implements/ tractor pins and bushings anything that slides you want a moly fortified grease Schaffer's is an excellent product we use 274 exclusively on the farm on implements driveshaft Yokes fifth wheels universals brake cams on the trucks anything that "slides" is a good candidate. Wheel bearings though it will work but overtime the moly may start drying out and produce a cake, I would just stick with your run-of-the-mill lithium-based number 2 grease for that application.