Why Kubota over others?

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Sep 26, 2014
Kubota M7060HDC12
I looking to upgrade my smaller LS tractor and have been looking at every color under the sun. In orange, I'm looking at the M7060HDC. I'm curious on folks' opinions on why they went with Kubota over others, given the premium price. Are they really that much more reliable?

Thanks all!
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Holds value better than most
Fit / Finish
Parts availability
My experience with many different tractors tells me that I prefer Kubota

Many people say they will 'never' sell their tractor, so resale doesn't matter. All tractors get scrapped or sold eventually. I bet 99% get sold instead of scrapped.

I like Shibaura-built NH and Kubota better than any others. I've owned a lot of tractors from 20-55 hp in many different brands. Never owned an LS, Branson or Mahindra.

The question I ask on some of these brands is - If I need a part in 20 years, will the manufacturer be there to support it? I think Kubota and JD are the two models that you could bet big money on. I think Kioti is almost there. Mahindra is making a big push, but time will tell.

Also, if you need work done on it that only a dealer can do, will your local dealer be there for you? Or, is your local dealer a hardware store / small engine dealer / etc that just happens to have a few tractors as well. Kubota and JD generally have proper shops with technicians that are trained and experienced. Regional differences may exist, but the above statements are true in my area. And, if one Kub or JD dealer goes out of business, there are a couple more locally that can take care of me, as well.
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Having said all that ^...

I think the XR4040 is a great looking tractor, and I'd like to get some seat time on it to see if I like it or not...
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I think it is because Kubota is know for their engines and has a worldwide dealer support network.

It is a known quantity and I'm most satisfied with the 3 Kubotas owned and only one bought new.
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I'm curious on folks' opinions on why they went with Kubota over others, given the premium price. Are they really that much more reliable?

1. GM makes Chev, GMC Buick, Cadillac. Why do people pay $70,000 for a Cadillac Escallade?

2. 90% of tractor reliability is prudence and experience of tractor operator, which includes dedication to preventative maintenance. Very little of tractor reliability can be attributed to individual tractor brands except, perhaps, how closely manufactures monitor service performed by their dealers.

3. Kubota is the leader in small tractors because Kubota created the SCUT category and has continued to invest in their business. Kubota still has not figured out Big Ag tractors despite a great deal of input from Kubota dealers.
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Nobody makes the perfect tractor, every tractor will break down and at some point you will need to get parts.

Today's world is a little different than it was 50 or 60 years ago when all you had to rely on was the dealer for parts, now you can get parts by clicking a mouse and they show up to your front door.

I just ordered blades for my Husqvarna mower off Amazon, 3 blades for a 54in deck was $32 including shipping.

I think a lot of it has to do with advertising and a strong following of both Kubota and JD, every time you see a green and yellow monster tractor in a field or 15 of your neighbors driving orange tractors it catches your eye. Case is another with there red tractors.

If I was a farmer, I would pay more for a tractor that I could get parts for in a pinch, peak of harvest and your main tractor goes down, you just can't wait 2 or 3 days for parts, you drive to the dealer and overnight parts if they don't have them in stock, the more readily available parts are the more attractive that brand is I think.

Unless it's a known lemon tractor, resell won't vary that much, my tractor is 12 years old and I bought it for just over 50% it was new, it depreciated almost $1300 per year and racked up 830 hours in that time, that's a lot of money lost but a lot of work done, that's where your gonna recoup your loss, doing it yourself vs contracting out.

Do I think JD, CNH or Kubota works harder than Mahindra and Kioti? No I don't believe so but your paying a lot more for the JD, CNH and Kubota products.

If you really compare apples to apples on the base lines the JD (E series) and Kubota (non grand), the name gives those lines much more value then the capabilities of the tractor compared to Mahindra for example. More bang for your buck if you will.

you shouldn't shop brands, narrow down your range of tractors and pick one or two models from each company and sit and walk around them all, that's what I did and found that I could do more work with the Mahindra 1533 for less money, but ended up buying a used JD instead lol.

A tractor is a tractor, pick the one that excites you the most, the one you will be eager to maintain and no matter which one you pick, it should last a long time.

One thing I will say is, I have a 1950 Case SC sitting in my barn that I can still get parts for in the local case dealer. CNH, JD and Kubota aren't going anywhere anytime soon I don't think, but look at GM and Pontiac, I guess you never know.
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My principle reason is the dealer. I've been going to the same dealer for 35+ years. Its owned/operated by an old, local farming family and they have always treated me fairly and with honesty. When I upgraded in 2009, they had previously dropped the Ford tractor line and replaced it with Kubota.

I've required dealer service two times in 35 years and they are more than happy to come all the way out here and do the necessary service. It means a lot, not having to tow the tractor 30 miles to their facility. A third time it was a warrantee part upgrade and they came out for that also..............
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I have always been impressed that John Deere can have even the most insignificant part the next day. I have never been told anything about obsolete or no longer available. Sometimes part numbers change.

Kubota is just pretty decent equipment. Jap quality and not too ridiculous engineering (like Deere). A known quantity. The others have yet to prove themselves in my opinion and that will take time.
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Kubota builds their own tractors with their parts and pieces.Looked at others: but the Kubota dealer was most helpful and the best bang for "my" buck.I have purchased two new tractors and a bunch of implements from them.
Family has since purchased two used Kubota's with good luck with them also.
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As mentioned convenience plays a lot into it. Especially with the bigger ag tractors. My dealer will send in a parts guy after hrs to keep you going. The numbers on the website. Not all dealers have that kind of support. Yes, the bigger ones obviously spend more in advertising which we all pay for but sometimes it's truly a situation where you get what you pay for