Winter is on the way!

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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
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It's kind of hard to think about Winter this time of year, but I just put a down payment on a 75" snowblower to get ready for the 5 ft. drifts I had last year. When I'd plow the wind would blow and drift the snow as high as the piles along the side of the drive.

Dealer told me this Miller blower should shoot the snow over 20 ft and keep the side piles down, I hope he's right.
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You will love it.

No side piles & walks right through the town plow banks at the end of the drive. If you have an open station try to blow it down wind & get an inexpensive pair of goggles just in case.

Stay warm
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I'm selling off all my snow shovels, salt, ice scrapers, snow blower, etc.

Two Words ---> Global Warming! <---- Yeah Baby!

Gonna get me some Bermuda shorts and a tall glass for holding those umbrella drinks. Al Gore can't be wrong, can he?

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Morn ToadHill.
"Winter is on the way!"...hey...hey no swearing,but you maybe on to something w/all this strange weather going on.
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Coincidentally, i was just staring at my rear blower sitting in the corner of the barn yesterday..... thinking about its the last impliment i own that i have not converted to fit my i-match. Perhaps with the global warming, i won't have to ??? I don't look bad in bermuda shorts, if i must say so myself !