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Nov 16, 2018
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Hi. Would anyone possibly have a wiring chart for a 50 series. My 3350 has some swapped wires and I’m looking to get all the dash warning lights working again. My TM doesn’t show the colours or area the sensors are. Thanks.
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When you state 50-Series, do specify if it's the Compacts or full size. We have a slew of the 50 Series wiring diagrams for Compacts made by Yanmar.


A split begins at the 1550 as a mix.

There isn't a mess in the 55 Series nor the 70 Series of Compacts until the way higher model numbers.

Deere wasn't too keen on keeping models like this a bit cleaner and has caused confusion over the years.
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Sorry. It’s a 3350 which is an agricultural size. Around 105hp I believe. Still haven’t found a wiring schematic yet but did find out for anyone interested that the transmission pressure switch wire is green with white stripe. And yes it took quite some time with a head lamp and multi meter. Also:
The brake light switch to brake lights is black with red stripe.
The horn button to horn is brown with white stripe.
LH indicator wire is green with white stripe.
RH indicator wire is green with black stripe.
Parking lights on mud guards are grey.

As I come across others I hope to keep adding to this post so someone else can maybe benefit from it.
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Maybe you still can change the subject title to identify the model you are referring to here. That would help spread your good effort and intentions when others are searching.
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Just changed the title. That certainly makes sense with so many models referred to as 50 series. I think they were all the same through 2140, 1650, 3050, 3350, 3650. Among many others I guess.