Worlds most powerful 1210 Ford FWD?

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that is vey cool, there were a some interesting points to consider also. where did you find the parts to fit your engine?
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I recently got a 1210 and it's a project , I am a ford diesel truck mechanic by trade , would like to do a turbo add on , were the parts you used off the shelf , ford/ new holland parts
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1210s do not have the most stable crankshaft. If you put any amount of hours on it you will end up with alot of extra parts...... none of which are locate' able. Three years and counting.... haven't found the crank and head everyone says are so plentiful.
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I sold a 1210 head last year and still have a crank. The donor threw a rod through the block but the crank appears fine.
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I've seen one or two for sale with the front axle blown to pieces, they aren't everywhere though.
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Hi all

I just took my 1210 to my local New Holland dealer to see the results of my handy work and I was very surprised of the horse power I now have in my tractor.

First of all lets set a base line on the power my 1210 should have at the PTO which according to is 13.5 hp at 540 rpms. Not to bad for a 16hp tractor. But I am always looking for more power.

So here is where things gets interesting lets add a IHI RB3 turbocharger to the engine and turn out the smoke screw a little bit and lets set the waste gate on the turbo at 8psi I don't want to lift the cylinder head or bend a connecting rod or brake anything in general.

And here are my the results 25hp at the PTO that a 86% increase in power if I did the math correctly. The staff at the dealership were as surprised as I was when they started the dynamometer test. The little engine kept up until we hit 25hp and she started to fall off power past that point as we added more resistance to the tractor.

I have posted a few pics of the turbo on the tractor. Along with a pic of the dyno sheet I wish my camera could focus a bit better on it.

this is an old post but worth a shot... i was considering doing some modifications like you mention. Can you shed some light on where this smoke screw adjustment is on the injection pump and which way you should turn it for more fueling?

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Great job on the modifications. You mentioned the HP increase to 25 HP. What was the initial torque value and what was it increased to ?
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That's cool Rancherogt!! Got any videos of it posted anywhere? I'd love to hear it.

Wanna come turbo my Ford 3000 diesel? LOL