XR 3037C and XR 4040C prices

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Nov 23, 2014
Big Bay, MI
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Was going to go with a G3038 but i know I won't be happy without a cab so now I'm considering an XR 3037c and XR 4040c. What did you guys pay for one. Just the tractor with cab and Loader. Any regrets with the 3037 where you wish you had the 4040?
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I have the XR3037HC and very happily satisfied. I didn't really do enough with the tractor to warrant buying a 4040 so the 3037 is what I got. I bought mine this past Feb. It came with loader and a 7'6" snow pusher for around $27K incl sales tax. Pusher blade was about $1500.
No regrets here. Mainly bought for snow plowing so very little use in summer. Just turned 41 hours in 11 months. Now I have some additional attachments so summer use should increase. I did get the HST which is great for snow plowing and loader work. I'll never go back to gear again.
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In Texas;

LS XR4040HC with FEL = $28,200

This is an HST Tractor.

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