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Jan 23, 2024
LS XR4150H, Kubota L245DT
Some of you may have followed my thread XR4150H Engine Failure about a spun rod bearing om my tractor. The dealer seemed to struggle with diagnosing problems with the fuel injectors. I latter found out that their injector tester doesn't work. They were relying solely on injector bleed-by as proof of good or bad.
I've got three injectors for this engine that I'd like to have rebuilt at some point. $620/injector from LS is a bit steep. the LS part number is 40265611 which makes the New Holland/Case part number MT40265611. The Delphi Technologies numbers are as follows:


The local shops in east-central Texas are not able to get the parts from their Delphi representatives. Diesel Pro, You searched for 40265611 - Diesel Pro, claims to sell new MT40265611 injectors for $388 and rebuilt injectors for $295. Unfortunately, they aren't able to get new injectors at this time and they haven't responded to my request to rebuild my injector cores.

From what I can see this injector may only go into the LS L3C19- engine. That covers 37 LS models and 19 NH/Case models. Does LS have a proprietary restriction on these injectors and injector parts.

I'd love to hear your inputs.
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There’s a gazillion fuel shops thruout the country.. why not try one of them.??