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May 9, 2023
LS XR4155
My LS XR4155 will run for 10-12 minutes and goes into "limp mode" while throwing the F02 and F11 codes. I had this issue two years back. I hauled it to the LS dealership for repairs. After 2 weeks, at pickup and $1,100 later, I was told they could not find an issue. The only thing they said they did was hook up to computer and clear faults. Periodically the past 2 years, if I did get the F11 code, I would "regen" the tractor and that took care of the problem. Well this morning, about 10 minutes into dragging the pasture, it faulted out and went into "limp mode". I have "regen" the tractor several times with no luck this time. Has anyone out there had this issue? I'm at a loss here and I really don't have much confidence at the local dealership. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to get up and running soon. Thank you in advance.
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If it's throwing s636 and both yellow and red lights are on with those two F codes, it could be P0335 Crank over speed/gap lost fault #11 on list. If s27 & those codes with only a solid red light, it could be EGR related. Here's a list of fault code combinations from the service manual. maybe this helps you run it down


  • Full List -- 자작 T4 - XR engine error code XR41XX.pdf
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Thank you! I’m not sure of the number with scanning. The F02 & F11 flash up on my instrument panel. I’m going to pick up a scanner and hopefully get a starting point.
Thanks again for your time.