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Dec 8, 2007
Ford 3930
I did a maintenance run on one of mine yesterday, and decided to start this thread as a reminder-to-self to do this a little more often.

I had some issues with my old gen last year, detailed in another thread. Part of my corrective action plan (to what was reasonably careful storage in the past) is to run my generators at least every 2-3 months.

Using the Cloud, to offset my less than perfect memory........ :rolleyes:

Rgds, D.
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Final Fueling notes:

Maintenance notes (Done, or Required):
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   / Your last generator Maintenance Run
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Date: Feb 18/13

Generator: 2kw Briggs

Activity: 5gal Shop Vac - cleaned Civic

Final Fueling notes: filled w. NonE gas, Stabil and Starton added.

Maintenance notes (Done, or Required): Gas cap issue resolved.

Rgds, D.
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Did mine about a month ago. First pull of the starter rope, the handle broke off in my hand. Got that fixed and put a new spark plug in just for peace of mind. Then it wouldn't start. Note to self - put fuel in. Then it ran. I let it run for about an hour with a drop light plugged in to it to make sure the generator stayed excited. Treated the remaining fuel with stabil and seafoam for good measure. Restarts on first or second pull now. Starting the 8 hp motor manually it is essential that it starts quickly.

Coleman 8hp 5000 watts

Regular maintenance run

New plug and starter rope

10% e-gas treated with stabil and seafoam
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You faked out Murphy on that one Ted !

Yeah, I decided it was about time I got a little more serious about a MTCE plan for something that I depend on in emergencies.

Aside from the equipment, I'm aware of the need to train the operator's reflexes (at least this one ;) ). On my newer gen, I thought I had a serious problem after about 10 hours of use - just needed to remember to turn the fuel petcock back ON ! Last thing I had to train myself on for that issue was a 70's Japanese street bike..... that's my story/sticking to it !

It's a standard training issue.... if you reflexively use a machine like a generator, it should make firing it up at 3am in the middle of a crisis go a little bit smoother.

At least, that's the plan for wrestling Murphy to the ground ! :punch:

Rgds, D.
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Always ran my diesel generator every Monday morning. Never ever had a problem except for the battery was down once. I put a maintainer on it and then no more problems in 10 years.
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I started my generator motor yesterday and tilled the garden with it. That is why I like my pto generator. Good idea to post this for those who have a motor powered generator. I borrowed one and it took two or three days to get started.
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My system is that is run my generator the first week of every EVEN month. Shut off power to house, hook up generator, and let it run for 1/2 hour or so. That way it also tests the electrical and the engine. I always keep it full and treated with StarTron. My Stanby gas I rotate spring and fall by dumping it into truck and wife's car then refill and treat. I have a 30 gallon gascaddy which makes it fairly pain free. Unfortunately I cannot get non ethanol gas anywhere near me. I think the closest is around a 2-3 hour drive. Not worth it. I keep it treated, get 89 octane, and freshen every 6 months at most. I also change the oil and filter before the winter. I hope this system is OK but it is the best I have been able to come up with.
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Good approaches and practices guys..... I always learn something hanging out here :).

I like the PTO approach, was semi-seriously considering that, but decided to address a 5kw+ high mobility need first. May get back to PTO options, if/when finances allow, but definitely plan to retain my small portable gens.

Big or small, they all need to run. Unless you are a contractor, or a full-time Wilderness RV'er, the small dedicated gensets tend to sit dormant way too much.

My buddy was servicing an onboard Onan, on a late model class C last year. The customer typically "camped" with hookups, and didn't bother running the gen much or regularily. Mouse nest is not the right term for what he pulled out of it, more like Mouse Hotel !

Recently changed the lousy plastic gas line on my 53L Duramax fuel caddy - now have a real commercial grade fuel line on it, the good thick-wall flexible stuff. Nice storage container, lousy OE fuel line, esp. in cold weather.

Slickest dedicated home backup I've seen is my buddy's fully automatic Generac, running on Natural Gas. Even does it's own maintenance runs, once a week - the only thing it needs humans for is Oil and filter changes.

Rdgs, D.