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Jul 5, 2005
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Maybe I am missing something and maybe this has already been discussed before ..

I've done a search for pictures of Power Trac's on this forum. I see a few scattered here and there.. Is there one place or a thread where we have pictures of the owners various PT's. If not would be interesting to me to see pic's of everyone's PT's newer and older models..
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Here are a few pictures of my 1445.


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There should be lots of PT pictures on the forum.

Go to top of page, click MY Home, then look left side bottom and click on attachments, then click thumbnails, and you will see every picture you have posted to TBN.

That is how I found all my pictures.
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I want to see everyone else's ... Ah there we go .. Very cool ... Just a larger version of mine like the radiator and attachments ..
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Impressive indeed.. :laughing:
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Impressive indeed.. :laughing:

Yes it is! :laughing:
I compressed the photo as it was my signature until I got my PT425. That's a late 70's IH2500b tractor loader. Dedicated loader with a 3pt hitch. It was gas engine, hydrostatic tranny, 50PTOhp, full cab, loaded tires, a low-boy (had to straddle the transmission hump) so good low center of gravity. Weighed about 8000#. The bucket could raise up high enough to touch a basketball rim. I'd put that loader up against a tree, put a little pressure on it then pretty much drive over any tree 10" and under with no problem in our sandy soils. Anyhow, it was a beat beast when I got it and even more when I sold it to an IH salvage yard. I got my money's worth out of it for sure. :thumbsup:

Here's the last picture I have of it, on the trailer going to the salvage yard.
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But, since this is a Power Trac thread.... here's my 2001 model year PT425 full package.

The proud new owner in 2001...

Snow blade....

Six hours on the meter....
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Here is my power trac's. 1996 Model 1845 and 1999 Model 422 with mowers. Also picture of them ready for snow and also my 1996 Agco Allis 5660 tractor


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Great pic's .. Awesome array of tractors and attachments there Ernemats / Moss.. :thumbsup: