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I saw your post on adding Hydraulic thumb to bh92. did the price of around $3k include everything, hoses, valve, pedal etc? and what do you think of the hydraulic versus the fixed? why did you updgrade in terms of function versus the fixed thumb? Im going one way or the other but wondering on the versatility o the hydraulic for the money.
No, I don't think so. I can afford the upgrade so I did it. I couldn't buy just the hydraulics from Messick's, but you might be able to from your dealer.

The hydraulic thumb is nice, but not necessary.
I'm just new to the group... Hello to you all. I have a NH TC30 that is slowly losing more power and getting harder to start. Especially when it's warmed up. New fuel filter and air filter installed, checked glow plugs (ok). Fairly fresh fuel. Suspect fuel pump pressure, so how can I check it out and what kind of pressure should I be looking for?