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the inside retaining ring on mine needed to be pushed inwards out of the groove. Then it could be removed easily by turning sideways. The ram seals are a 5 piece fiberish material. concave and convex fitting into each other. Whats the trick to get them into the cylinder tube?
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Hey saw your post about using the Koplin saw holder on your ROPS. Do you have any pictures? It is hard to envision as they are sold as being for ATV but just can't picture how/where it would mount on the ROPS. Cheers.
ECU 003465.02-Exhaust Throttle Actuator Position Mismatch

ECU 001569.31-Engine Power Derate Condition Exists

ICC 002818.31-Operator Presence Switch Not Activated
My Caroni TM1300B has 3 belts. I need to replace. Do you know part number or belt size?
Hello Oldlseki,
The current information I have is for a 2 or 3 belt drive system.
The OEM Caroni part number for their cheap V Belt is #2142
If you purchase the kevlar reinforced V belts they will be more
resistant to shock loads and wear.
The SAE designation is B53 V belt but I am not sure exactly.
Thanks. I saw where Napa B43 was supposedly equivalent. Found where could get 3 and shipped to me for less than getting one at Napa.
Do you still have the F11 hyd motor that you offered to sell for $500 a few years ago on a thread