Tractor Supply Allows Leashed Pets – So This Guy Brought His Horse In!

As animal (and horse) lovers, we’re all for businesses that allow customers to bring their pets shopping with them.

There’s no harm in that, especially if they keep their animals on a leash, right?

If you share the same sentiment as us, you will love this story about a surprise visit a pet-friendly Tractor Supply store in Elk City, Oklahoma got from a man and his horse.

Photo credit: Robin Morris

A Slightly Unusual Request

For Robin Morris, it was just a regular Monday spent shopping for supplies when he noticed a man wearing a cowboy hat enter the store.

While this wasn’t an unusual sight, the man caught Morris’ attention because of his rather unique request.

Morris wrote about it on Facebook:

“The gentleman walks into Tractor Supply and says, ‘I’m a senior, here to buy feed for my senior horse. Can he come in?’”

And it was indeed waiting outside to be let in.

Photo credit: Robin Morris

Pet-Friendly Store Policy

Many dog owners have shared online how accommodating the store’s staff are with their pets. Still, we’re pretty sure the staff in the Elk City branch were surprised by a horse.

Keeping true to their reputation and considering that technically the animal was leashed as it was wearing a bridle, the manager allowed the pair into Tractor Supply.

Photo credit: Robin Morris

At last, the man and his horse were finally in the store to shop for some feed.

Not to let such as once in a lifetime moment pass by, Morris snapped a few photos and even took a short video of the pair as they browsed the store’s shelves.

Shopping is for Horses

We have to say, that’s one well-behaved horse. It looks like it’s not the first time he’s gone out shopping with his friend.

The man even let some curious kid pet the horse while they waited at the counter.

After that, the two casually walked out of the store just as casually as they had walked in.

Photo credit: Robin Morris

Not the Only One

This isn’t the only horse to trot inside of a Tractor Supply. Check out the next page to see video of another horse’s visit to a California store.




  • Are these guys required to buy a horse apple picker and a bucket as they enter the store?

  • Tractor Supply recognizes that animals are friendlier and better mannered than most people! They have to let people in the store, as they are carrying the money! LOL.

  • Well if I said I have never seen that happen to me in real life I would be lying. I mean if the rule is that your pet has to be on a leash then really their not breaking the rules I mean by store rules. If they did not want this to happen then maybe they should have been more specific right.

    (reply and tell me what you think)

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