Hauling Wood for Your Fire

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A warm, crackling fire is great during the winter time, and its hard to beat the smell of a wood stove. But that wood doesn’t get from the forest to the fireplace without a bit of effort. Tractors are perfect for hauling large amounts of wood from one place to another, and there are plenty of ways you can go about it. Here are some of the set-ups and methods used by our users here at TractorByNet to transport their firewood to where it needs to go.


With a loader full of wedges on the front and a well-stacked trailer behind, Verticaltrx has his Kubota B3200 hauling wood every which way possible.

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  • I try to minimize hand handling of the firewood as much a possible so I stack my FEL with it as it comes off the splitter. Then, with a bit of judicious ‘play’ I can usually tip the FEL just enough to slide it off [I grease the pan of the FEL] into a ready made stack so only one hand handling until I have to bring it inside and, of course, at that point it is nice and chilly outside anyway, so no sweat.

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