Strange Things People Do With Their Tractors

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Automotive Repairs

Looks like we’ve found our use for a boom pole! Member KTurner needed to remove the bed of his truck and his tractor and boom pole came in handy for this job.

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  • That doesn’t look like John Deere green!! LOL

  • Nothing unusual about that. I did the same thing with my Kubota after hurricane Michael totaled the front porch of my house.

  • Another way to do this exact task, without tractor, by yourself. Get about 10. 5 inch x 8 foot round wood fence posts. Jack up one side of tub, install 3 to 4 fence post/under tub, in direction of travel, and several in front of tub. Push tub onto other posts and keep moving posts in front of tub as you move forward. Amazing how easy this works. Kind of/like the Egyptians.

  • Take that tractor back, there’s a problem with the front.

  • 19 of 19 “We’re going to the tractor, and we’re going to get married. Going to the tractor, and we’re going to get married. Going to the tractor of love….”

  • I placed a dock/deck on my pond with my Kuboat (spelling intentional) a couple months back.

  • Soooo….. Things people load with a loader huh?

    And a wedding on. Massey Ferguson

  • I was hoping to see strange things, but all I saw was people lifting things with their tractors, which is…. what you are supposed to do with them.

  • Some people will do almost anything to keep their bucket dry!

  • I seen a picture like this somewhere before except they were both very hefty so you couldn’t see the tractor.
    This on the other hand this is a beautiful young couple and glad they have a tractor to help keep all the manure out of their relationship.

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