Fall Tractor Fun With Pumpkin Patches

The Perfect Start For Perfect Pumpkins

There’s nothing quite like growing your own produce, and one of the most exciting things to grow for both kids and adults alike, is pumpkins. They’re big, colorful, and they even match some tractor’s paint! So it’s no surprise that TractorByNet members love to grow pumpkins. Some members open up their pumpkin patches to the public during the fall, while others share or even sell pumpkins to their friends and neighbors. Browse through this fun gallery of pumpkins, pumpkin patches, and tractors (with pumpkins). Did we mention that there will be pictures of tractors and pumpkins? Enjoy!


The best way to start a pumpkin patch is with a flat plot of beautiful soil. Member Luremaker in Ontario, Canada takes a chunk out of his 51 acres to start a pumpkin patch. What a beautiful sight!

A Pumpkin Colored Tractor in a Future Pumpkin Patch


Luremaker’s Kubota L series is one big pumpkin-producing machine. This photo shows freshly tilled flat land in Ontario, Canada.

The Waiting Game


After planting, member elmer4413’s Kubota sits beside his pumpkin patch in Ohio. Now all that’s left to do is wait…

Harvest Time


Just a few months after tilling and planting, Luremaker’s Kubota L-series is loaded up with amazing looking Cinderella Pumpkins. Ready for fun!

Small Tractor, Big Pumpkins

big pumpkins

Member gjock’s Kubota BX series tractor may be subcompact, but there’s nothing compact about these pumpkins… wow!

Life is Good

Massey Ferguson Pumpkin Hauler

Long-time TractorByNet member DMF sits in his Massey Ferguson 1552 Cab tractor with a load of fresh picked pumpkins in the loader. Does it get much better than this?

Fall Season Festivities


Member barrybro shares his pumpkins with his local community in this display at his farm, Harvest Moon Acres in Gobles, Michigan. Check it out next time you’re near Kalamazoo!

Looks Like Everybody Likes Pumpkins!

Squirrel Caught Red Handed

Looks like we’re not the only ones who enjoy pumpkins! Member Circle W caught this little guy in the act. He should try making pumpkin pie, we hear it tastes better!

Why We Do What We Do

Pumpkin Pie Slice With Fork

Whether you’re sitting on your tractor tilling that pumpkin patch, or hauling heavy pumpkins around, just remember that that light at the end of the tunnel is actually a dollop of whipped cream on top of a slice of pumpkin pie—mmm. Makes it all worth while.

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  • I joined up since I have a Mitsubishi MT180D and there is no dealer network but I needed info.
    With TBN I made contacts that helped greatly and learned a whole lot about tractors and the industry in general.
    As a DIY type I created my cab, snow plow and sub frame, and different other devices with the latest being the installation of a camera system.
    TBN is an all around informative community that treats many informative topics all without that crass and vulgar attitude existent on all too many sites.
    Now being retired TBN has become a daily ‘must visit’ for me.

    Keep up the good work!

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