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New Holland Boomer 3050

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Length 122 (309 cm)

Weight 3

Wheelbase 73.5 (186 cm)

Width (in.) 68.3 (173 cm)

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Perfect Produce
Posted 03/18/2017
by Bob Folck
Model year: 2013 Date Purchased: 2016-04-15 Number of Hours: 120

"I use a this about every day. The loader is great and the cab is a must have. If you’re over the age of 40, then look at the cab. I can get out in shorts in zero degrees to move show. 50 horsepower is well enough, I have raised beds to grow strawberries. It clears them. I added a weed badger on the side to do mowing and tilling. It's great. I added the tiller to the back with no issues and added a 10-foot disk as well. The bush hog is fine, and the seat is great for my hip replacement. I use the cab like a mini office. "

Pros: Size of engine, cab, CVT, transmission Cons: It took me a little while to learn this new tractor driving, I am an old school stick shifter Type of User: Commercial Farmer Location: USA OH I also considered buying: Kubota B2150, John Deere 5055E, Kioti NX4510HST

Good Little Tractor
Posted 03/03/2015
by David H
Model year: 2011 Date Purchased: 2013-01-01 Number of Hours: 800

"I am writing this review because I see plenty of people who don't get on with the CVT. To get the most out of this tractor, you need to constantly adjust the power ratio for 2nd gear. You have 3x speed settings on a switch: 1, 2, 3. 1 = 15% of top speed 2 = Adjustable 3 = 100% of stop speed (road only or quick travel downhill tbh). Gear 2 is the magic. The default is 60% of top speed., which is calibrated on a tractor with no loader. I typically run around 30-40% of top speed, which gives me 4-8 mph with plenty of oomph, and the rpm will not drop up steep hills. If you can put up with changing the power/speed settings, which is as simple as holding a button down, pressing the up/down arrows and saving the setting, you will be fine. Really, New Holland needs to add a jog dial to allow the operator to adjust this in real time. When I first had the tractor, the guys who delivered it left it on 100% in gear 2, which is the same as gear 3, so I couldn't go up any hills without coming to a stall or trying to compensate with the hand throttle. In that moment I realized, if you stick the setting to 45% you get strong power/speed. I'd imagine if towing a fully loaded trailer at 2 tons, you would need a setting of 25 to 35% depending on gradients. It's the key to the tractor, so for anyone struggling, please try adjusting the cogs icon to the work/speed you need. If it's too high, the tractor will struggle. It is the easiest tractor ever to drive, forwards and backwards changes within a second typically."

Pros: Great all round tractor. Nice cab, great in the winter. Cons: Needs CAT2 linkage. CVT is too complex for most people to master quickly. They end up stuck with default settings. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: UK OT I also considered buying:

Posted 12/30/2014
by Bill Allen
Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 2012-12-31 Number of Hours: 1080

"I bought a new Boomer 3050 the last day of December, 2012. It is the seventh N.H. that I have had and probably the last. I had a problem with it running all the fuel out of the sediment bowl and then stalling or bogging down. The first couple of times it was pieces of plastic from the fuel tank plugging the lines. The tank has been taken off three times and cleaned. Then it started sucking all the fuel out of the sediment bowl even though the lines were not plugged. The mechanic decided to put it on the dyno and run it for a while to try to determine why it was running itself out of fuel. When we got it on the dyno, it only had 32 PTO HP. The mechanics tried everything to get it up to the 40 PTO HP that is advertised including two new injector pumps, a new lift pump, and injectors. They got it up to 35 PTO HP and that was all they could get. The Service Rep. from New Holland came and worked on it all one morning and in the end said that 35 HP was probably all I was going to get. I had had two 45 HP Boomers before this one and decided that I would pay the extra $1500.00 for the 50 HP. What a mistake. The advertised PTO HP for the 45 HP is 36 PTO HP. I could have saved myself $1500.00 and had one more HP. I haven't heard another word from New Holland and don't expect to. Also, the CVT transmission that I have in the 3050 is a miserable thing to drive if you're in close quarters to trying to be careful. The tractor will sometimes jump ahead and this is not good when you've got something in front of you like a live deck on a wood processor. It will also over ride the brakes until the engine slows down not matter how hard you stand on the brakes. I've had the tractor back at least twice to have the transmission re-calibrated but it doesn't last."

Pros: Nice cab Cons: CVT Transmission, Lack of power Type of User: Commercial Landscape Location: USA ME I also considered buying:

3050 NH Tractor
Posted 11/12/2014
by Paul
Model year: 2014 Date Purchased: 2014-03-01 Number of Hours:

"I upgraded from a 3045 Hydro to this 3050 CVT w/ cab/loader/72" front snow-blower. The unit is great. The transmission takes some "getting used to". NH needs to have video tutorial for first time CVT owners! A couple quick suggestions: It's more like shifting a forklift (forward/reverse). Always keep engine speed at least half throttle. Pause a second to shift from forward to rev. (no slap shifting). Occasionally, if you "slap shift" the tractor just bogs down. Shut tractor off, restart, and its like the transmission computer "reboots" and works fine. "

Pros: Great cab. Fast hydraulics. Switch for 4wd Cons: a few issues w/ CVT Type of User: Location: USA IN I also considered buying:

Not All It's Promised
Posted 01/17/2014
by Jonathan
Model year: 2013 Date Purchased: 2013-09-20 Number of Hours: 20

"I had a TC35DA and sold it to upgrade to a cab tractor. Big mistake! The tractor is all I expected from New Holland except the transmission. Anybody who liked their hydro-static trans will hate the new CVT. It is all computer controlled and at risk of operator and equipment it will override operator input to protect the CVT. The machine is advertised to operate like an automobile and this is far from the truth. In operation you must wait for the engine RPM to increase before it moves which isn't too bad. The worst part is stopping. You must wait for the engine RPM to drop before the machine will slow down. It will even override the brakes no matter how hard you stand on them. This is a dangerous situation for me as I use the machine to plow snow. I know all the calibrations that an owner can make to the unit but it will not change how the CVT operates. If you want precise control of your machine this is not the unit I would buy."

Pros: The cab and loader are as good as the TC series. Cons: The CVT is the worst thing I have ever bought. Type of User: Commercial Landscape Location: USA MO I also considered buying: Bobcat CT450, John Deere 3720, Kubota MX4700

Compact Tractor
Posted 11/14/2013
by Mark Gravesen
Model year: 2013 Date Purchased: 2013-06-03 Number of Hours: 40

"Good value for the price."

Pros: CVT. Cons: Window trim. Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: USA ND I also considered buying: John Deere 3520, John Deere 4320

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