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New Holland T6050

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Height 109.1 (277 cm)

Length 178.4 (453 cm)

Weight 11

Wheelbase 104.4 (265 cm)
95.3 in. (242 cm) (Terraglide Axle)
99.2 in. (251 cm) (SuperSteer Axle)

Width (in.) 75.3 (191 cm)

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Not For Commercial Use
Posted 07/11/2016
by Bamse
Model year: 2010 Date Purchased: 2010-04-01 Number of Hours: 2400

"Before I begin, I have to explain that I drove the economy version of this tractor, and I can only guess that most of the problems I faced would have been fixed if my boss were not so cheap. Now, onward to the actual review :) I have had the misfortune of driving this tractor for a few months as an agricultural contractor a while back, and I can't recommend it to anyone who plans to use it more than a few hours a week. Here is why: The ride quality is very bumpy and one has to be some kind of a masochist to enjoy being in the cab. The hydraulic is slow and the controls are awkwardly placed. The gearbox is very slow at shifting from the first group to the next. The absolute WORST part of this machine is the placement of the power shift buttons at the top of the mechanical gear lever. In 1-8th gear there are no problems as the lever is pulled towards the operator, but, if you for some reason wants to go faster than plough speed, then the lever is moved so far forward, that one have to either sit flush up against the steering wheel or have to lean forward and reach a fair bit to operate the buttons. Good luck doing that for 8+ hours a day in a very bumpy machine. I can only wish that the designers that built this tractor would have to spend, if not eternity, then at least some bit of it, driving their own creation."

Pros: Not driving it anymore Cons: If on fire, would wait untill it caught on before calling the fire department Type of User: Equipment Mfg. Employee Location: EUR OT I also considered buying:

Very Good Tractor
Posted 06/29/2014
by Dennis
Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 2012-06-02 Number of Hours: 1000

"My second New Holland of this model to own. Have been very pleased with both. More fuel efficient than John Deere of similar models."

Pros: Very reliable and fuel efficient tractors. Cons: A\C could be better in extremely hot areas. The big windows really bring in the heat on a Hot Texas summer day. Type of User: Commercial Farmer Location: USA TX I also considered buying:

13 Months and 600 hrs. behind us
Posted 06/29/2010
by Jack
Model year: 2009 Date Purchased: 2009-03-01 Number of Hours: 600

"This tractor was purchased to work in a commercial hay operation. It drives a New Holland 617 Disk Mower and New Holland 565 Square Baler among other things. Outfitted with a deluxe cab and loader it should be capable of doing almost anything on a small ranch or farm of up to 200 acres. Our experience has not been perfect. Despite dealing with a major dealer the tractor was nearly unusable when delivered due to its very severe clutching. Forward and reverse was a bone jolting experience that caused me to break off the (plastic) throttle handle to keep from banging my head on the cab ceiling (again). After adjustment by the dealer it is better but still aggravating reminder that I should have looked at a green one. Other problems have included incomplete assembly (electrical), failure of the three point hydraulic valve, overheating when under full load, a smaller than required air filter that requires replacement (of cleaning) every 10 hours of use. Overall, this tractor is built on a compact frame which I would never buy again - it is light for the duty we have for it and will jolt your breakfast out of you before lunch as it bumps and skips across the hay field."

Pros: The Cab A/C will frost the mirrors and it looks great in a parade! Cons: Bad clutching, light weight, overheating, small air filter Type of User: Commercial Farmer Location: USA TX I also considered buying: John Deere 6430, Kubota M9580

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