New ESeries Mower Engines from Briggs Stratton

MILWAUKEE (Fall 2011) –  Briggs & Stratton Corporation makes it easier than ever for homeowners to have a great looking lawn with the introduction of the E-Series™ engine line-up for spring 2012.  From easy one-step starting to improved performance and reduced emissions, the E-Series™ engines deliver a distinctly enhanced lawn mowing experience.

“The E-Series represents an evolution in push mower engines, offering distinct quality and features even on the most basic engine in the series,” says JP Benjamins, product marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton.  “Everything about these engines is aimed at making the mowing experience easier and better for consumers, while at the same time supporting retailers with the choices they need to satisfy any homeowner.”

The wide range of choices in the E-Series™ makes it easy to match the right engine to any homeowner’s lawn care needs and budget.  The 550e and 550ex Series™ engines give entry level mower buyers plenty of hassle-free features they will appreciate coupled with Briggs & Stratton reliability and power to get the job done.  The 625e, 675ex and 725ex Series™ evolve the company’s most popular line of engines, offering more than a dozen design improvements for those who want high performance mowing.

Here are some of the key attributes of the E Series™ engines:

550e and 550ex Series™

All new hassle-free engines improve the mowing experience for entry-level buyers:

·         Easier starting with the ReadyStart® starting system (no need to choke or prime,  just pull the rope for power) which is available on the 550ex.

·         Best in class torque-to-weight ratio means the engine has the power to get the job done while being light enough for easy maneuvering.

·         A more comfortable mowing experience with reduced vibration and an improved sound level with the addition of the Super Lo-Tone™ muffler.

·         Enhanced engine life with the overhead valve design that lets the engine run cooler and cleaner.

·         Improved air cleaner – Check and change the air cleaner easily, no tools needed.

An optional paper air cleaner element provides even greater, auto-style debris filtering for dusty conditions.

·         The new 550e and 550ex Series™ engines meet U.S. EPA Phase 3 emissions standards that are 35 percent stricter than the previous standards.

625e, 675ex, 725ex Series™

Briggs & Stratton’s most popular line of engines has evolved with more than a dozen design improvements, making high-performance mowing easier than ever.

·         Easy starting with a float-feed carburetor for consistent, one-pull starts and a starter rope that’s easier to pull.  The ReadyStart® starting system (standard on the ex models) eliminates the need to choke and prime – just pull for power.  Optional electric start for added convenience.

·         Enhanced power and durability with strengthened cylinder design that reduces bore distortion for less friction and wear, while improved head bolts provide better torque retention.

·         Maxi-Clean™ air cleaner improves capturing of dirt and debris and can be replaced easily without tools.

·         Super Lo-Tone™ muffler reduces noise levels and improves tonal quality.

·         Buy with confidence with a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor

·         The newly redesigned 625e, 675ex and 725ex Series™ engines meet U.S. EPA Phase 3 emissions standards that are 35 percent stricter than the previous standards.

The new E Series™ engines are made in the USA with U.S. and global parts.  They are part of a full line of push mower engines made by Briggs & Stratton, backed by more than 100 years of engineering experience.

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