Toro’s New Innovative Smart Speed Technology

Timecutter Smart Speed feature #4 allows easy and precise cuts around tough corners.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (Spring 2011) – Toro’s innovative Smart Speed feature is taking zero-turn mowing technology to a whole new level. Imagine a system that allows you to choose different ground speed ranges with the flip of a lever without changing the blade or engine speed. You’ll instantly appreciate the control Toro’s Smart Speed feature gives its all-new lineup of TimeCutter® SS zero-turn mowers.

In the past, if you wanted precise control while mowing around landscaping and tight corners, you had to reduce your throttle speed. That also meant reducing the blade speed, which could lead to an uneven cut. Smart Speed makes that issue a problem of the past. The TimeCutter SS Smart Speed adjustment lever allows you to reduce the ground speed range of the control arms from 0-7 mph to 0-3.5 mph, without reducing engine speed or blade speed, thus preserving quality of cut. No other zero-turn mower offers anything like it.

Choosing the “high mode” gives you maximum speed for mowing the flat, open spaces in your yard. The Smart Speed “low mode” allows for enhanced maneuverability when cutting around trees, landscaping or other tight spaces for a perfectly manicured look. The slower speed option provides more graduated speed changes with your control arms. Both experienced operators and novices alike will feel in command at all times.

Smart Speed also makes it easier to maintain a steady pace while mowing extra-thick grass, and gives you more control when mowing on a slight incline or pulling attachments. The result is a precise mowing experience engineered for everyone.

TimeCutter SS zero-turn mowers with Smart Speed are available this spring at Toro dealers and select locations of The Home Depot®. Suggested retail prices start at $2,499 (USD).

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