New Cordless Trimmer Technology

The Aero-Flex® cutting system.

Today’s string trimmers have become vital tools for outdoor residential and industrial landscape maintenance. They do, however, have some drawbacks. All conventional trimmers have a weak monofilament string that results in frustrations and hassles. Gas-powered trimmers are loud and heavy, and they can be hard to start. Single string battery-powered (cordless) trimmers lack the needed energy for efficient edging and trimming and cannot compete with gas trimmers for cutting performance. Corded (AC-powered) trimmers require cumbersome extension cords that limit access to far-removed yard areas.

But now there’s new, patent-pending technology that solves all of these problems.

This revolutionary technology, powered by a highly efficient lithium ion battery, is now available on a powerful, flexible line blade cordless trimmer that can also efficiently edge. For added versatility, the motor in the upper power head cable drives down to a gear box that amplifies torque to the 4 strong cutters. It also has a central register that allows the user to operate selective power attachments (including a blower, a hedge clipper and a pole saw).

This patented Aero-Flex® cutting system is the first battery-powered cordless trimmer with a 14″ cut featuring 4 strong, flexible line blade cutters that hit vegetation more frequently and with greater cutting energy and force, compared to conventional monofilament string trimmers.

The aerodynamically engineered teardrop profile enables the blade-like cutters to glide through the air and grass, dramatically reducing wasteful drag. They are also structurally designed to cut at much lower speeds than conventional string. The result is greater battery efficiency for longer run times and a faster cutting rate.

Troy-Bilt® TB60AF 14’’ Cordless Trimmer

The 4 unique, labor-saving, Aero-Flex® line blades are engineered with high-strength copolymers and a strong but flexible (living) impact hinge. These blades are powerful, tough, and durable enough to slice through grass, heavy weeds and vines that common string line trimmers can’t even begin to cut. When the line blades need to be replaced, reloading is very simple. Just remove the cap, snap the line blades securely into the head and replace the cap. This Aero-Flex® trimming system truly reduces frustrating interruptions experienced with common monofilament string.

Based on comparative testing, this revolutionary trimmer will cut grass at almost double the rate, achieve a more pronounced edge, and can last more than 50 times farther under highly abrasive conditions than single monofilament string trimmers. More efficient edging is accomplished at a more comfortable walking pace with a self-propelling thrust compared to conventional cordless trimmers. This new trimmer technology also reduces noise pollution, running about 75% quieter than most other cordless trimmers.

Easy maintenance.

American inventor Vince Morabit has spent more than 15 years perfecting the patented Aero-Flex® Line Blades that withstand and survive severe impact forces when they aggressively strike pavement, fences, or other hard surfaces.

This new, revolutionary Aero-Flex® cordless grass trimmer technology is now available on the Troy-Bilt® 14’’ Cordless Trimmer (model #TB60AF) which can be found at select Lowe’s stores and at

Aero-Flex technology is also available for existing gas-powered string trimmers. Convert your gas trimmer to this technology with the Aero-Flex® Universal Kit, which fits 99% of gas trimmers on the market, or the Troy-Bilt® TrimmerPlus® Multi-Brand Compatible™ lower end attachment (model #AF720).  Both these products can be found in most Lowe’s stores and at Installation and conversion information, helpful how-to videos, trimming techniques, and other helpful information are available online at

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