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David, a.k.a. MossFlowerWoods

Name: David, a.k.a. MossflowerWoods

Location: Just North of Ladysmith, Virginia

Post Count: 2,026 (#203 of all-time)

How long have you been a member of I have been a member since early August, 2011. I was looking for information to assist me in selecting a tractor. I had a couple riding mowers at the time, but I was looking for a REAL tractor and I wanted to be an informed consumer because after visiting one dealer I was overwhelmed with unknowns.

Google popped up a handful of links to TBN and suddenly I was deep into the forum. I joined within a day or so because I wanted to ask questions myself. I was overwhelmed with the awesome, good advice. I suspect my tractor will be passed on to one of my grand kids when he inherits our farm/ranch Mossflower Woods.

What do you like best about I love the sense of community. I have made a couple of excellent local friends, and a number of excellent “virtual” friends. It is awesome when a person asks a question and answers just start popping. I find TBN to be informative and a bit addictive. TBN is my favorite place on the internet.

As a tractor newbie myself, I feel that the TBN community has been wonderful and accepting. I have asked MANY questions that could be considered less than brilliant (or worse), but the TBN members have been very open, honest, and full of good advice regardless. I have never felt less than welcome.

What type of tractors do you own? I own a 2011 Kioti DK50se with FEL and a couple John Deere riding mowers.

Latest addition: Kioti DK50se

How long have you owned or operated tractors? I bought my first “real” tractor this last August. I rented one in the distant past when putting a lawn in. I have also operated a tractor at the equine rescue we have volunteered at over the last seven years, but I have been planning, finding, and moving to decent sized acreage property for many years. A tractor was always assumed to be one of the things I would need for such a place.

What do you enjoy most about tractors? I think my Tractor is the most effective tool I have ever used. It is also the most versatile tool I own and I also very much enjoy the sheer power. I have moved some VERY large trees and it is VERY cool.

How often do you use your tractor? When the weather was dry, I was using it every couple of days, if not daily. This winter, I am using it less due to the wet conditions. But I’d LOVE to get seat time every day!

Tell us about your property. I have almost 51 acres, most of it is market timber about 42 acres in fact. My forest is about 85% Loblolly Pine and the rest is Oak, Poplar, Maple, Gum, etc. I have a couple ponds. The biggest is stream fed and close to about one acre. The other is spring fed.

I am in the process of putting in 5 acres of horse pasture on land that I had clear-cut in November of 2010 shortly after I purchased the property. My family moved onto the property in spring of 2011. Long term, we will improve this house, but as soon as we can sell our rentals we will build another house up on the ridge nearer the pastures. My tractor will get plenty of use then!

Tell us about your vehicles. I have 4 Harleys, and 2 Fords: 2001 F-150 Supercrew, and a 2011 Flex.

David's youngest.

Tell us about your family. I have four children (three at home): a son, age 26, and daughters, ages 13, 11, and almost 3. My wife home schools the girls and has done so their entire lives. I work as high-tech hardware guy up near DC supporting a government customer.

Do you have any pets? No house pets, but we have two horses, a bunny, six ducks, a bunch of guineas, chickens, and a mean old rooster.

What sort of modifications or customizations have you done to your tractor? I had the dealer add a canopy, both rear remotes, and also a WR Long 3rd function valve. I’m planning to make some tool boxes and add some work lights & mirrors over this coming summer.

What sort of tools, attachments or equipment do you use with your tractor on a regular basis?
Typically my Kioti has the WR Long RBG72 root grapple and the Woods TSG-50 stump grinder attached. I also have a Woods BB72X BrushHog cutter. I recently added (thanks to a great TBN thread!) a 72” Ratchet Rake.

What do you mainly use your tractor for? So far, I have mostly used my tractor for land clearing and building the pasture fence. I have a very long and steep gravel drive I maintain as well. I plan to use it this summer to assist a fellow TBN member with his hay operation near my place. I am also planning to start a firewood operation and to clear some trails for riding Horses and mountain bikes.

Do you maintain crops? At the moment my only crop is 42 acres of mature Loblolly pines. I just had them thinned and they should be ready for harvest in 4-7 years. At that point I will replant at LEAST 25-30 acres and start the process all over again.  I am not sure what else I will grow yet.

Do you keep livestock? We are considering market lambs or turkeys, and I would like to raise at least one steer for our own dining pleasure.

What’s something most TractorByNet members don’t know about you? Both my TBN handle, and the name of our Ranch/Farm is “Mossflower Woods.”  What many TBN folks might not know is that it comes from a series of children’s books that my family LOVES. For many years now I’ve been reading this series of books for bedtime story and we are now on the 22nd and final book right now. The books are the “Redwall” series by Brian Jacques. The heroes of these books all live in “Redwall Abbey” in the middle of “Mossflower Woods”. We were dreaming of finding our own little “Redwall” and when we found a little house on 51 heavily forested acres, we decided we had found our own little “Mossflower Woods”. They are very excellent children’s books (in our humble opinions) as well! We highly recommend them!

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