Member of the Month: Rick B

Rick's Ford 4000 Vintage Tractor

Your Name: Rick B

Location: Dutchess County, NY

Post Count: 4,288 (#52 of all-time)

How long have you been a member of TBN?
Nearly 11 years!

How did you find the site?
It’s been so long now, I can’t recall.

What do you like best about TBN?
The variety of the members’ experiences, based on education, location, and life choices is unparalleled.

What type of tractor do you own?
Two classic, 1959 vintage, narrow, front-row crop tractors – a John Deere 730 and Oliver 660; and two 1970’s vintage, utility-style, two-wheel drive tractors – a Ford 4000 and Case 885.

How long have you owned or operated tractors?
Nearly 50 years – since I was 5 years old and grew up on a dairy farm.

Tell us about your property.
I live on 8.5 acres; 4 of which a neighbor has in field corn.

Tell us about your vehicles: I drive a 2004 GMC K1500.

What sort of modifications or customization have you done to your tractor?
The Ford 4000 was built with a gas engine, but it’s been replaced with diesel.

What sort of tools, attachments or equipment do you use with your tractor on a regular basis?
-Woods RM990 finish mower
-Woods BH80-X backhoe
-Bush Hog SQ72 R/C
-RM100 9’ back blade.
-Pronovost 305 dump wagon
-Myers 7’ front-mount snowplow.
-Ford 735 FEL.

What do you mainly use your tractor for?
Mowing, snowplowing, and other property maintenance chores.

What do you like or dislike about the area you live in?
The weather, seasons, and scenery are great, but business climate, influx of city folk, and property taxes all stink.

What sort of terrain is common in your area?
Rolling hills, ancient eroded plateaus, glacial till, and other effects of the ice age.

What sort of trees and vegetation are common in your area?
A mix of hardwood & conifer trees and cool season grasses.

What’s something most TBN members don’t know about you?
I spent 10 years as a Town Council member and 12 years as a Town Planning Board member.

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