Case IH Introduces the 2012 Maxxum® Lineup

RACINE, Wis. — Case IH introduces the new 2012 Maxxum® tractor lineup to the Efficient Power family of products, now equipped with enhanced operator controls, fuel-saving Tier 4A engines, and more powerful hydraulics to deliver livestock and mixed farm operations the best possible balance of productivity, fuel efficiency and versatility. The Maxxum Series now offers the choice of a standard base package, or deluxe “MultiController” configuration, with six models to choose in each. Both packages offer 4 or 6 cylinder engines with electronic common rail fuel system.

Maxxum 130

MultiControl Armrest Puts Functions at Your Fingertips

The new, optional MultiControl Armrest console brings all vital tractor operations within easy reach, with the handle itself containing six key tractor functions literally at the operator’s fingertips. Handle functions include engine speed, transmission gear, forward/reverse shuttle, hydraulic remote, hitch, and automatic end-of-row function.

“The Case IH Maxxum tractor now joins the larger Puma®, Magnum™ and Steiger® Series tractors with the latest in Case IH operator control technology,” says Dave Bogan, Maxxum marketing manager. This allows the Maxxum tractor to offer the same ease of operation that the larger Case IH tractors have today — making it easy for operators to move from one tractor to another.” The MultiControl armrest console was developed with extensive producer input throughout its development. This customer-driven process incorporated the suggestions of producers across North America, and resulted in 80 percent of operators’ typical motions being located within the palm of their hand.

An integrated electro-hydraulic joystick option is also available, for easy front-end loader work with less fatigue. Operators have also found the integral joystick works very well when used in conjunction with rear hydraulic remotes, for easy operation of rear implements such pull-type mower conditioners, or any rear implement that involves feathering or frequent use of hydraulic remotes.

The MultiControl Armrest also features an integrated control pad for comfortable, comprehensive tractor control of less frequently used functions within arm’s reach. The pressure-sensitive touchpad includes functions for constant engine speed, auto PTO and auto shift, along with hitch position control.

Maxxum MultiController models also feature a new instrument cluster, displaying fuel and engine temperature gauges, a warning light panel, transmission display and general operational information, located within the operator’s natural line of sight at the right front cab corner post.

Power and Versatility with Fuel-Saving SCR Tier 4 Solution

Equipped with either the proven 4.5L or 6.7L Tier 4A-compliant engines, the Maxxum tractor models utilize Case IH Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to meet the latest governmental emission standards and enhance engine performance.

“SCR technology not only meets these emissions standards, but also improves fuel economy and overall engine performance, which makes these multi-purpose tractors an even better asset on the farm,” says Bogan. “SCR allows us to bring in cool, clean intake air, which lets the engine perform at its best.”

Unlike Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), SCR technology routes clean and cool air to the engine without the need for EGR coolers or filters. SCR allows Case IH to fine-tune the engine combustion process for improved fuel efficiency, lower engine temperatures, increased reliability and longer maintenance intervals.

The new 2012 Maxxum series also features standard power boost, which provides additional engine power of up to 25 horsepower to maintain optimal working speeds, while handling tough crop conditions or heavy loads. The PTO, hydraulics and transport power boost have become standards of Maxxum tractor performance. In addition, compared to previous models, the new Maxxum Series achieves standard PTO speeds at a lower engine RPM for enhanced fuel economy in PTO applications.

Hydraulic Enhancements

The new base Maxxum features a new open-center hydraulic system delivering 18 gallon-per-minute (70L/min) hydraulic flow, 26 percent more flow than the previous Maxxum “value” series models.  This enhanced, higher-flow open center hydraulic system also features standard flow-control dials located at the rear remotes.

Optional Pressure Flow Compensating (PFC) hydraulics with 26 gallon-per-minute (100L/min) flow capability and in-cab flow control is available as an option in the new Maxxum base models, while standard in the new Maxxum MultiController models.  New deluxe remotes, standard with the PFC hydraulic system, offer higher flow at an individual remote, along with an enhanced sealing design for improved long-term reliability.

The New Case IH Maxxum Tractors Feature:

Four or six cylinder, fuel efficient engines with Tier 4A compliant Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology
“MultiController” configuration package with MultiControl Armrest
Integrated electro-hydraulic joystick option for easy front-end loader work
New A-post display instrument cluster in MultiController models
Open-center hydraulic system with standard flow control dials
Optional Pressure Flow Compensating (PFC) hydraulics

The Case IH Efficient Power family includes Maxxum®, Steiger®, Magnum™, and Puma® series tractors, Axial-Flow combines and Patriot® sprayers.

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