CLAAS Presents New ARION 500/600 Series


With more than 10,000 ARION 600 tractors around the world alone, the current ARION series is the most successful range of tractors from CLAAS. In order to remain in that position, CLAAS continuously works on further developing tractor technology. In summer 2012, the current ARION 500/600 series will be replaced by a new generation bearing the same ARION name which will have a total of seven models.

Alongside new engine technology which, thanks to its diesel particulate filter system (DPF), satisfies the requirements of exhaust emissions Stage IIIb (Tier 4i), and the numerous new equipment features, it is the cab which is one of the essential highlights of the new ARION tractors. The new generation of cabs from CLAAS once again sets the standard with its all-round visibility and user-friendliness. The new ARION 500/600 is equipped with the kind of technology and comfort found in the larger AXION 900 and medium power range XERION tractors.

With its seven models, the new ARION 500/600 covers the performance range between 140 and 184 hp (according to ECE R 120). New generation DPS engines have been installed, which further improve fuel consumption and fulfil the new exhaust emissions standard. The CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS) concept is also consistently implemented in the new ARION models. CPS offers an optimal combination of newly developed components and drive train technology. It is not only about engine performance and compliance with emissions standards, but also about the machine as a whole, its efficiency in daily use and the intelligent use of power.

Engine performance data of the new ARION 500/600 series.

Under the engine bonnet, you will find a 4.5 litre four-cylinder engine in the 500 series and a 6.8 litre six-cylinder engine in the 600 series, all with 4-valve technology, common rail fuel injection, variable geometry turbocharger and intercooling. The DPF system for exhaust aftertreatment is fully integrated in the machine concept and installed under the engine bonnet in such a way that the driver’s field of vision is not restricted.

Experience has shown that, thanks to their great agility and low operating weight, the four-cylinder tractors of the current ARION 540 – 510 series are especially efficient when used in the partial-load operating range, such as front-end loader work. Thanks to the new engine generation, the new top-of-the-line model, the ARION 550, achieves a maximum output of 163 hp (according to ECE R 120) and is therefore high on the list of choice for PTO work and transport.

The new tractors of the six-cylinder class stand out due to their high tractive power and smooth running out in the field and during transport. The new top-of-the-line model, the ARION 650, achieves a maximum output of 184 hp (according to ECE R 120).

Following the introduction of the new ARION generation, the CLAAS customer can now choose between a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder tractor in the 150 hp range, depending on the particular uses.

ARION 600 in action.

The best things about the AXION 900

Some of the essential innovations featured by the ARION 500/600 originate from the CLAAS large tractor series of the AXION 900 which was first exhibited at the Agritechnica 2011 and selected as Machine of the Year 2012:

These innovations include the VISTRONIC electronic fan control system, which enables precise control of the fan. Thanks to the VISTRONIC system, the noise level, the power requirement for the cooling system and, consequently, fuel consumption are reduced. Thanks to gas shock absorbers, the cooler packages can be easily swung open and quickly cleaned. The air filter has been moved to in front of the cooler packages and, in this position, is ideally accessible.

A second, very obvious feature from the range of CLAAS large tractors is the spacious five-post cab which has been further developed for the ARION. The cab distinguishes itself by excellent all-round visibility, a high level of ergonomic efficiency, four point suspension, adjustable steering columns and, in the CEBIS version (CEBIS – CLAAS Electronic onBoard Information System), the new armrest with integrated CMOTION multi-function lever and CEBIS terminal. As with the AXION 900, the cab has also been positioned further towards the front and, thanks to the curved rear window, it was possible to move the B-posts forward and out of the driver’s field of vision. In addition, the cab for the new ARION has been specially fitted with a one-piece door on the right-hand side. The range of driver’s seats has also been increased in the new ARION by two models to now five different seats manufactured by Sears and Grammer.

In the CIS version (CIS – CLAAS INFORMATION SYSTEM), the ARION is still available with mechanical control units. The PTO function (on/off) has been added to the CIS armrest and the rotary wheel for adjusting the working depth has been placed further forward, making it easier to reach.

The tractors of the new series have been optionally prepared ex factory for the CLAAS GPS PILOT and CLAAS TELEMATICS.

A large number of new pre-fittings and items of equipment

CLAAS provides many new built in options and equipment for the new ARION 500/600 ex factory:

All new models feature the successful CLAAS design with a long wheel base, equal weight distribution onto front and rear axle and a compact overall construction. The empty weight of the machines is between 5.8 t and 7.8 t. Due to the new design, the maximum permitted total weight has been increased to up to 12 t for both the 40 km/h and the 50 km/h version. For this reason, the new ARION generation – including even the smallest model, the ARION 530 – was fitted with a stronger rear axle as standard which also allows a larger maximum tyre size ex works of 710/60 R38.

If the ARION is equipped with front-mounted lifting gear or a front-end loader ex factory, the new half frame is included in the scope of delivery of the equipment. The half frame is fitted along the engine between front axle carrier and gearbox and absorbs forces as they arise and, at the same time, can be used as a coupling point for the front-end loader brackets. These are simply bolted to the half frame and can therefore be retrofitted at any time.

As usual, the front axle has single wheel suspension and can also be completely locked for increased stability during front-end loader work, for example. It can also be optionally equipped with a new active brake system. This is included as standard equipment on the two top-of-the-line models (ARION 650 and 640).

The ballasting options of the ARION have also been extended with the new series. In addition to front-end ballasting, ballasting is now also available for each rear wheel, either with 250 kg, 350 kg, 450 kg or 550 kg.

Highly efficient HEXASHIFT transmission

The CLAAS HEXASHIFT transmission of the current ARION series is distinguished by a level of efficiency and numerous intelligent automatic functions making it a leader in stepless driving comfort. The transmission has four assemblies and six shifting stages according to load and can be fully shifted without using the clutch. The shifting stages adjust according to load and the assemblies can be shifted fully automatically by means of the HEXACTIV automatic shift system. Included in the tried and tested automatic functions are also the REVERSHIFT (electrohydraulic reverse shifting for an easy change in the direction of travel), Speedshift (fast shifting up of the shifting stages according to load and assemblies) and Speedmatching (automatic adjustment of the shifting stages according to load during assembly change from C4 to D2).

The high level of efficiency of the HEXASHIFT transmission was confirmed to CLAAS as part of a powermix test on an ARION 640 CEBIS by the DLG test centre in 2009. In most of the work, the ARION 640 was positioned more favourably in fuel consumption than the average of all the candidates measured and, in the powermix total value, was 3.6 % better than the average value.

There are many reasons why the CLAAS HEXASHIFT is also the transmission of choice for the new ARION generation. In the new series, it is available in three different versions, including the new transmission variant of the Super ECO 40 km/h at 1,650 rpm which is likely to be of interest especially for transport applications.

All ARION 500/600 models are equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic system with an efficiency of 110 l/min.

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