Configure Your New Valtra in Comfort and at Home

Configure_your_ValtraYears ago Valtra became the first tractor manufacturer to build tractors to specific customer requirements and specification. (Not as many other manufacturers do; take a tractor from stock and expensively adapt it.) Now Valtra have taken this process one stage further by introducing an iPad App that will enable customers to sit in comfort and build up the specification of a new Valtra tractor.

iPad users can simply open up the App Store and in the search box type in Valtra. The user will then be offered a range of suggestions. A simple tap on the correct icon and Valtra Configuration will appear and commence downloading. A further tap on the red Valtra icon and you’re away – all the latest models from which to choose. Simply tap on the required model and start configuring a machine to meet your specific farming or contracting requirements. It certainly is not difficult – and it’s free.

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