John Deere Expands 6 Series Tractor Lineup

OLATHE, Kansas (August 23, 2012) – John Deere has expanded its 6 Series Tractor family with the introduction of 12 new models in the 105 to 170 engine horsepower range for 2013. These new models are designed to provide the power, comfort, and performance that meet the needs of a wide range of crop and livestock producers and governmental agencies.

The all-new John Deere 6M Series Tractors include six models (6105M, 6115M, 6125M, 6140M, 6150M and 6170M) from 105 to 170 engine horsepower and replace the standard 6030 and 7030 Series Tractors. According to Rachel Wayson, John Deere Tractor Works, the 6M Series Tractors are ideal for livestock customers looking for a mid-spec tractor with higher horsepower options.

“The new 6M tractors have additional transmission options, increased hitch and hydraulic capacities, and provide IT4 emission compliant engines,” Wayson says. “The new 6170M model, for example, offers customers a higher horsepower tractor at a mid-range specification level.”

In addition, John Deere has updated its economical 6D Series Tractor lineup that was introduced in 2008. The new 6D Series include 4 models ranging from 105 to 140 engine horsepower (6105D, 6115D, 6130D, and 6140D).

The new 6 Series family of tractors are designed to provide the power, comfort, and performance, that meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

“The new 6D models provide all the power, performance and comfort customers demand to complete a broad range of jobs on the farm and ranch,” Wayson adds. “Enhanced features over the previous 6D models include easy-to-use right-hand cab controls, an optional instructional seat, easy-to-access service points, options for increased hitch-lift capacity, and increased hydraulic flow for loader operations.”

Expanding on its 6R Series Tractors for the row-crop market, John Deere introduces two mid-horsepower models: 6140R and 6150R, offering 140 and 150 engine horsepower, respectively. These two models complete the 6R model line-up, giving customers a total of eight different models to choose from in the 105 – 210 engine horsepower range.

“The 6140R and 6150R models replace previous 7030 Premium models and include a larger ComfortView™ Cab for increased comfort and visibility, GreenStar™ CommandCenter™ display, and precision ag technology options found on our larger R Series Tractors,” Wayson explains. “Like the other 6R Tractors, the 6140R and 6150R combine the comfort, power, and maneuverability customers need to handle hay baling, loader work and many row-crop operations with ease.”

Both new 6R models come standard with John Deere 6.8L PowerTech PVX engines with Intelligent Power Management that provide an additional 20 horsepower during transport and non-stationary PTO applications. Transmission options include a 20-speed AutoQuad Plus ECO Transmission (standard), 16-speed PowerQuad Plus (optional), or IVT Transmission (optional). IVT and AutoQuad Plus configurations are available with up to 50K (31 mph) transport speed.

John Deere has also introduced the new DirectDrive transmission for the 6R Series. The newly designed 24-speed DirectDrive transmission combines the handling comfort of an IVT transmission with the power and efficiency of a mechanical transmission. Available on the 6140R – 6210R models, DirectDrive provides the comfort and efficiency for any task at hand.

“The small ag tractors in the 6 Series family provide the versatility required by customers needing a tractor to handle diverse applications,” Wayson adds. “They provide the performance, ease of operation and optional features that customers can depend on for years of reliable service in the field.”

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