John Deere Introduces Improved 900 Series Round Balers


OLATHE, Kansas – For producers who bale silage or other forage for feed, John Deere has responded with the introduction of its 900 Series Round Balers. These pre-cutter-type round balers are ideal for producers who pre-process the forage, making it easier to mix or grind before feeding.

“Many beef and dairy producers can save time and money by pre-processing silage and other forage crops when baling and put a denser, higher-quality forage in the bunk,” says Jeremy Unruh, product line manager of baling and mowing products for John Deere. “This is especially true when baling and feeding high-moisture silage. The 900 Series was designed specifically to address these challenges.”

The 900 Series features two models – the 960 and 990 – each with two different configurations. These balers were designed from the ground up to maximize performance in the field and forage quality in storage and feeding. Producers can select between models with 13- and 25-knife pre-cutters that produce 4×5-ft. and 4×6-ft. sized bales. The knives also can be retracted, allowing the baler to be used for traditional hay/forage baling.

“The 13- and 25-knife pre-cutter configurations are the only configurations of the 900 Series Balers John Deere will sell in North America,” says Unruh. “This system increases bale density and the faster gate-cycle time enables operators to work faster. This means less time in the field, reduced handling and storage space requirements, and higher quality feed.”

The high-capacity feeding system processes more than 63,000 pounds of dry matter each hour, with the ability to handle both dry and high-moisture crops. The new pick-up design with five-tooth bars and in-line rotor make picking up the crop cleaner and more efficient.

“And, the bale chamber has been redesigned with three rolls, an off-set density arm and side sheets that expand and contract as needed,” emphasizes Unruh. “Regardless of the forage type, wrapped bales are ejected in less than five seconds for most conditions, thanks to a new concept in the bale ejection system.”

To speed up baling, the operator seldom has to leave the cab for adjustments or maintenance. Most forage plugs can be removed remotely by using the patented, full-width hydraulic drop floor. Key moving parts are easily accessible for maintenance, and the number of greasing points has been significantly reduced to make servicing faster and easier.

Finally, the 900 Series models have an independent frame; large tire options; heavy duty chains; bearings and belts; and a new net-wrap system. John Deere has even updated the twine-tying system, incorporated more functional styling, and simplified maintenance with auto chain lubrication and grease banks.

“In the past, producers who baled silage and other forages often had to compromise on what they wanted and needed in a baler,” Unruh adds. “We’ve incorporated the latest technology into the 900 Series Round Balers, resulting in significant improvements in performance and uptime, lower cost of operation and denser, higher quality forage for feed while continuing to expand our round baler product line.”

To learn more about the new models of pre-process forage balers as well as the complete line of John Deere large round balers and other hay tools, see your local John Deere dealer or visit

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