John Deere Introduces New Anhydrous Applicator

OLATHE, KANSAS (August 21, 2014) – The recent increase in continuous corn acres requires rugged nutrient application equipment that keeps pace with today’s intensive crop production. The tough new John Deere 2410C Anhydrous Applicator gives customers in the anhydrous ammonia applicator business exactly what they need.

“The 2410C consistently meets the operational demands of large and extra-large producers, as well as ag service providers, for faster, more-precise nutrient application,” says Brad Pasvogel, tillage product manager for John Deere. “Getting customers to the field sooner and keeping them there longer contributes to increased profit and yield potential, while delivering industry-leading performance under a wide variety of residue conditions and soil types.”

2410C Nutrient Applicator
The 2410C Anhydrous Applicator delivers faster, more-precise nutrient application.

John Deere engineers designed the 2410C Applicator from a field-proven frame design to meet the specific needs of operators, including 44 inches of underframe clearance. These machines are available in wider 19-, 21-, 23-, 24 and 25-row (47.5 ft. to 62.5 ft.) widths and feature an innovative chisel option that gives applicators the opportunity to increase revenues and reduce costs by completing nutrient application and tillage in one pass.

“Customers, today, use higher-horsepower tractors to apply nitrogen in multiple applications,” says Pasvogel. “The 2410C has been designed to seal anhydrous at a depth of 4 inches instead of 6 inches, which is standard with other applicators on the market. This feature allows faster operating speeds with less horsepower demands.”

In addition, the deeper frame design with floating hitch improves applicator flexibility over rolling terrain by providing more-uniform depth integrity from front to back, especially in challenging field conditions. The hitch provides consistent knife depth, ensuring thorough anhydrous application through the entire width and length of the applicator.

“The AccuDepth feature allows individual frame sections to be adjusted from the cab, on-the-go, section by section,” explains Pasvogel. “The operator can calibrate the depth setting of individual section row units to ensure proper product sealing and fertilizer placement in compacted wheel-track areas. Because of this, one machine can operate from field to field in variable residue types and conditions.”

By helping to ensure the anhydrous stays in the soil root zone where it will do the most good, the 2410C is as easy on the environment as it is on the budget.

“The adjustable closing disks seal the product into the soil to be readily available for plants,” Pasvogel adds. “In addition to promoting plant growth, this significantly reduces nutrient leaching or vaporization into the atmosphere.”

The double shear bolt design reduces the downtime of bolt replacement and keeps the operator in the seat of the tractor covering more acres. Multiple knife options give the machine the ability to work well in varying soil types and field conditions.

“The John Deere 2410C Anhydrous Applicator meets applicators’ top anhydrous-application needs: productivity, accuracy, uptime, reliability and cost of operation,” Pasvogel says.

To learn more about improving nitrogen application efficiency with the 2410C Anhydrous Applicator from John Deere, visit your local John Deere dealer or visit

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