New John Deere 2017 Residential ZTrak Z300 Models

Z345R Residential ZTrak Mower_r4g011534CARY,Ā North CarolinaĀ (December 8, 2016) ā€“Ā The landscape of the JohnĀ Deere residential ZTrakā„¢ zero-turn radius mower line takes on a new look with five new models, priced under $3,500.00 ā€“Ā the Z335M, Z345M, Z345R, Z355R and Z375R ā€“Ā that each mow well at fast speeds. Homeowners will appreciate new and step-up model additions to the ZTrakĀ Z300Ā series featuring improved cut quality, easy-to-use ergonomic controls, enhanced engine performance and upgraded comfort features.

The AccelĀ Deepā„¢ mower deck, introduced in 2016, will now be available on all Z300Ā Series residential ZTrak models. Available in 42-, 48- and 54-inch cutting widths, these mower decks will provide homeowners with better grass dispersion and improved cut quality at faster ground speeds.

“Homeowners are attracted to the speed and overall performance of zero-turn radius mowers, but some perceive ZTRs as too expensive,” said Kim Ridel, tactical marketing manager, JohnĀ Deere. “New for 2017, we’re introducing five new residential zero-turn models under $3,500.00 providing homeowners with the speed and performance they need, at the attractive price they want.”

Several enhancements to the ZTrakĀ Z300 series focus on the JohnĀ Deere commitment to improving the comfort and convenience for homeowners. Comfort enhancements will be noticed across models, such as those on the Z345R, including a medium back seat that doesn’t require a tool for seat adjustment, control levers with improved ergonomics, and standard floor mats.

Additionally, a wider tire option on some models provides a smoother ride and a foot-operated deck lift option allows for quick and efficient engagement of the deck without leaving the operator seat.

The ZTrakĀ Z300 series also receives an upgrade in engine performance with horsepower ranging from 20Ā hp on the Z335E up to 25Ā hp on the Z375R.

The AccelĀ Deep mower deck on the ZTrakĀ Z300 models are compatible with the innovative MulchControlā„¢ kit. MulchControl allows operators to quickly switch between side discharge and mulching with the flip of a lever, all year long. Mulching returns finely cut clippings to the soil as a beneficial natural fertilizer to enhance lawn health.

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